How much would you charge?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by lawnman_scott, Jan 20, 2007.

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    I bought this house in April and just started to work on the yard. I dont do much of this type of work, I do mostly maintenance. But If you do this, can you give a ballpark guess what you would charge?

    There was a irrigation system through part of the yard designed my alcoholics. The wire used for the valves was old extention cords, just everything was junk. There is a well, but the pump and all of the valves were froze up. The system hadnt been used in about 10 years. All we salvaged was the pipes that were running under the driveway. So we installed and wired a 7 zone irrigation system for turf and shrubs with timer, pump and valves and all new wiring with condute. Dug through endless roots to bury it. Brought in 7 yards of topsoil to grade around the pool where there was a big dropoff from the concrete. Moved the fence back and added a few pieces (fence materials were about $450), layed 5500 square feet of sod. There was a 10x20 concrete slab in the back yard that we broke up and got rid of, as well as these railroad ties that made a walkway through the backyard. I would guess our man hours to be about 120. We used a jackhammer for the slab, and a walkbehind bobcat for the grading.

    So for my own curiousity what would you have charged? I know its hard to picture, but give my a guess.
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    I see alot have looked but no responce. I know its kind of hard to guess without seeing. The reason I ask is that I told my wife I would charge $10,000 for this. She thinks I am nuts, and no one would pay that. Im not sure most people areound here would pay that, but thats what I would need to do this. It has changed the way the house looks all the way around. So am I crasy with my price?
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    No Less Than 10 Grand For Sure !!
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    Irrigation around here goes for about $500 per zone...........soil I charge about $100 yard depending on application. 10x20........rebar too? That would have been time/material prob.......well then I might not get much for what is PITA work so I'd look at hours needed and add to it without going crazy.......then cover expences of equipment, don't forget the fuel.

    don't know if this helps or not
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    $10,000 sounds about right to me.

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