how much would you have done this for

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by superintendent, Dec 12, 2011.

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    most jobs over 44k are priced on our t&m price table. Our time for 18 acres is worth $450 plus the materials.

    You have your answer, now answer this: what is your target labor rate?
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    asking "how much would you charge" is an effort in futility if you are looking for a concrete answer....

    If I was getting $450+ materials for 18 acres around here, I would be better off getting a 9-5 because I would be working for free at that rate.
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    Seems like loading would be your biggest time. What kind of rate where you using? You spread 2 different products? Did you go over it twice?

    Sol-u-cal at 8-10 lbs per 1000 to raise the pH and on my max I could only carry 6-7 bags(I have an aux tank and if its flat and level I can stack a few bags on top of hopper).
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    same here......
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    Yuuup. I did the math and at 5mph on my Z Inter, it would take 56 minutes to spread the 14 acres one time. That does not include any turn around time or fill up time. Probably add at least 15 minutes for that. So in order to do it twice, it would take 2 hrs and 20 minutes at minimum. And that is spreading 25' wide with no overlap.

    I believe I will stick with my prices I mentioned earlier.
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    $450 an hr sounds about right, but what it comes down to really is whatever the price of materials is double it. SO on this job I was just under the twice the material price.

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