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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnboy82, Oct 15, 2001.

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    Hello everyone. I had gone to look at a job the other day for a regular customer of mine. He had in his driveway a used trailer that he wants to sell. He bought it from a guy who just redid it. It's a 5.5' by 18' long. Nice new tires, Electric brakes, breakaway box, chains, ball coupler, and some other normal things too. The trailer needs a new deck, and a new ramp wouldnt hurt it much either, although it can be used as is. He wants 800 dollars for it. Now I know that I will not have to give him any money, just gotta do some work there over the winter. So what would you suggest as far as that being a reasonable price? P.S. - a 6.5' x 16' with the same basic setup runs for give or take 2,100 bucks by me (new of course).
  2. bruces

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    Sounds reasonable, I paid 690 for a 6 /1/2 X 10 w/ ramp, no brakes, etc. this spring.

    Spend a hundred or two on the deck and you've got a deal.
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    5'5" is pretty narrow. I'm assuming it an angle iron trailer. Since it needs a floor and gate, I would probably try for around $650-$700. I sold a 6'6" wide 14' in the spring that only needed paint and floor for $450.
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    Just to warn you if you are not aware: There is a law in NY now that every trailer with more than one axle must have brakes on every axle. If you are talking about a trailor that has two axles and brakes on only one axle---Don't get it! If it has brakes on both axles you may consider it. I should tell you that in Albany, less than three hours north you can get 16x6 tandems with the gate and dual eletric brakes for around $1600 plus tax. Look into that before some junk somebody might have around Westchester. Those are my thoughts. Takem or leavem.
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    2,100 bucks for a new 6.5 X16 trailer with brakes??? you gotta be kidding me!

    [composure GEO, you got a live one on here]

    hey LB82, for 2,100 bucks I'll deliver you the trailer of your dreams! of course I am just gonna give $850 for it but you get it for $2,100. the difference is of course MY TIP!

    let me know when you need delivery. I intend to please!

  7. awm

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    550 max for what you described . and thats if u need it and u got the flooring
    and can do the work yourself .really not to much to it tho.
    luck to u
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    Geo, I kid you not. That is asking price of dealers by me. Even if you go about 1 hour north, or thereabouts the price is still the same. I paid last year $2,300 for my trailer because I got the pintle setup with it instead of the ball coupler. My trailer is a performance? or parker? 6.6' x 16' dual axles with the brakes on both. Ramp, pintle, brake away box, and that's about it.
  9. Scraper

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    Guess that's why he lives near "one of the richest area in the country". Everything is so cheap people can save their money. :p

    Geo...Can I get one of those trailers too? I am a bit closer so you can save a little in gas. ;)
  10. lawnboy82

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    Scraper, check into it and you will find that Westchester County, and Fairefield County are some of the most expensive places to live in this fine country of ours.

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