How much would you pay for this biz? (if anything)

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by nlowplacez, Jul 23, 2010.

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    biz up for sale is as follows.

    20 25 regularly serviced accounts, weekly, biweekly, and 10 days.

    numerous clients who call regularly for service (am aware this is not ideal)

    gross about 2500 to 3000 per month

    5k (new) worth of equipment thats about a year old.
    john deere la105 from HD, 2k 5X10 trailer from HD, couple trimmers, honda push mower, etc. all NON COMMERCIAL

    no clients on contract but owner willing to work a while to help transition and meeting the clients

    just wandering what anyone would pay for this.

    p.s. seller, if you see this post, no worries bud. just getting a feel for the kind of deal i might be getting.
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  2. rooferman24

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    i started my small company this season ,from scratch.

    that way i was responsible for my own reputation.good or bad (because u cant please every one)

    i am steel new in the bizz ,but i do know if u don't have commercial equipment you don't have much of a warranty or equipment that can withstand daily usage.

    if i were u i would try to get my own yards ,first

    i would also try to buy some commerical if possible ,doesn't have to be top notch ,just has to have warranty or made for daily use

    here is an example; you can buy a good looking ztr at lowes for 4k..nice looking mower with high reviews.but most of the people who review the mower are mowing there own yard an hour or so a week .so they are probably putting 30 to 50 hours on there nice mower a year ,but if a company has a good month he could put 200 hours on on in a month .so to most home owners it will last them 3 or 4 years before repairs ,but a company might only get 2 months out of it before paying big dollars to repair if i couldnt afford new equipment i would at least try my luck at some used commerical equipment.just my opinion
  3. hackitdown

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    I'd pay the value of the used equipment, plus a small referral fee for each customer that signs up with you.

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