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Discussion in 'Water Features' started by clyde, Aug 3, 2003.

  1. clyde

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    I have a pond to do, its above ground with cement retaining wall blocks(with the curved fronts) . ITs the average HOME DEPOT polyvinyle pond with the upper (smaller) and lower (large)

    its going up against the house which is brick.
    so the wall i have to build is a half circle.

    how do i need to set the pond in the wall
    and Most important how do i set the wall

    if i put limestone rock in it want it apply to much lateral force on the bricks making it unsafe?

    and most important how much do i charge

    thanks CLyde
  2. NickN

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    from Alabama
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    I installed one for my mom and dad a few weeks ago.Not a big deal.A 50 gallon ,two tier.I just dug out for the bottom tier and let the top tier sit on the ground.(Use sand under bottom tier)Then used red retaining wall bricks to finish and set a hosta and fern close to the edge so they would spill over into the water.Used a fish fountain on upper tier .
    Took me about 3 hours total,after materials were rounded up.Mostly from getting the retaining wall bricks set correctly.One side curverd inward,which made setting the bricks dificult.I'd say $300 for installation(50 gal.) sounds good if I were to do it for a customer.
    I'm a newbie though,so take it for what it's worth :)
  3. Green Gopher

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    I would use some caution here. These type of water gardens don't look good for vary long. A couple problems that your client might encounter are: Depth is too shallow/water volume is to small, No filtration of water, To much direct sun light, and if next to a house, will it be in danger of roof run off? I know many landscapers are putting these systems in now, but I won't touch them. In six months when it looks like crap you will get a phone call, or worse you won't get any more calls from that client. I don't want to sound discouraging, but quality of work has a lot to do with your choices of product. I think if you talk to specialist outside of the hardware store you'll find these systems get replaced in short order. Just to much maintenance for the home owner.

    Just my two cents,
  4. WeatherMan

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    I agree with Green Gopher I have never put a preform pond in and never will I have seen so many that look like crap.

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