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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Gordons Landscape, Nov 15, 2003.

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    Talking to other users in this forum they say that you should make $1k a day profit doing landscape jobs. With 2 people working. So thats $5k a week around 30 weeks = $150K a year! (if you get enough jobs)
    Thats with just a 2 man crew and just profit. That seems a little amazing to me. Is this right? I make a decent living with my mowing crew. Would love to make $150K next year with my 2 man mowing crew and my 2 man landscaping crew combined. Is this possible? Any help would be appreciated!
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    Absolutly possable but not probable. Your just getting started and you will have a hard time getting that much work. Equipment do you own what you need or do you have to aquire it ? If you have it And you hustle and know how to do the work you should be getting 30 days of work the 1st yr. and then add about 5 additional days per yr of experiance. But the 1k price is right on and on some jobs it will be alot more. If you end up with more than about 10% of your jobs under that rate your bidding to low.
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    Some people get rich while others go broke. The only thing you can be sure of is that you will do one of those or fall in between.

    It is up to your market, your ability to sell, your knowledge, skills, and abilities, your ability to produce, your ability to manage money, and your ability to manage help.

    There is no standard of what you can or should expect to earn.
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    I agree with everything you say. I need to clarify my previous post to say if your bringing in skid or tractor bigger equipment You better be making 1k per day. If you can't average that you will either wear your equip. out to fast by having to do 2-3 times the work or your gonna be selling it. If your laying up a small wall with hand tools then of course your not going to be making 1k mark. But do a lawn install with a skid and harly rake and its 1k and over for the day.

  5. SCL

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    Lets remember that we're talking NET and PROFIT here, not gross! It will very much depend also on your market. Large urban to suburban areas can generate more NET but cost of living chews it up faster. What you need and what you get are decidied on an individual basis.
  6. olderthandirt

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    I was talking Net & Profit. What you said is true but the cost of equipment is pretty much the same no matter where you live.
  7. newleaflandscape

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    Alot of times I send out crews with three guys. My general rule is that if that crew doesnt do 2000 worth of work for the day, then I am not making a whole lot. Generally they will do about 2500 in a day. Its very possible. When ever they come back and only did around a thousand I know I am losing money. 2500 is easy to get to though especially if you are planting plants or grading a lawn. Doing retaining walls and patios seems to be the most popular place where they dont get as much done as I would like. Just cause every job has different circumstances. When planting plants they almost always do 2500 or over. I agree though, I think it all depends on your market. I would think doing a thousand per day for a two man crew should be quite easy to do even without a skid. But every region is different
  8. HOMER

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    Maybe up there but I don't see it down here.

    Then again you can buy a decent house down here for 65,000.00 to.
  9. Shuter

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    That profit margin is in a perfect world. Figure in during the 30 weeks delays from weather and labor problems. Then figure in equipment breakdown and product/material set backs. Start there to get more realistic.
  10. ZX12R

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    Depending on the job its very possible.The problem is getting that kind of work every day.I know I dont and cant get those jobs every day,or even once a month for that matter.When i do get landscape work ,I make sure I make out very well though. My best profit on a job was finished last weekend.It took me and another guy a day and a profit was just under $5000.00

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