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How Much?

Copper Moon

LawnSite Member
Cape Cod
Does anyone know about how much it would be to install a crysteel dump body onto a f350. Im just lookin for a ballpark if possible. thanx


LawnSite Senior Member
Does it need to be crysteel dump body? I know a very reputable dealer in Worcester that will install an iroquois dump body and hoist and paint it any color you want for $5500.

Gravel Rat

LawnSite Fanatic
British Columbia
I wish I could get those prices :confused:

A 11' regular style mason box with 12v hydraulics was 8500 dollars CND ouch thats a little pricey. I was looking at a aluminum dumping flatdeck its 7000dollars. I never did get a quote on a dump box with fold down sides I would be scared to find what the price of that is.

With a F-350 and its payload capacity I would consider getting a aluminum box for weight savings. You figure a steel dump box will easily weigh 1600lbs when I looked at aluminum flatdecks the weight was around 1000lbs.