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I posted an ad for a labourer operator, and the usual 40 or 60 applications poured in. I read through most of them and my eyes glaze over. I once hired a guy on the basis that he was one of only two resumes out of over 50 that had no glaring spelling or grammatical errors.

But anyway, this is the one I just read:

Hello. The posting for the labourer position with your excavation firm interests me, however I would like to know the base pay for someone with limited experience in this type of work. Please provide that information and I will consider applying for the position.


No resume attached. I guess if the base pay was adequate he might condescend to provide one.

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Im glad Im not looking for a job. Id want to know the same thing but its against the rules to ask. Apply, resume, interview, work, then find out what your going to pay me.... man I hope business keeps up.


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That kills me!!! I had a guy last spring that replied to the ad with this.

"Intrested in the job, lots of experience. I don't do resumes, please call at 314-xxx-xxxx."

Really you don't do resumes??? What else don't you do??


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I thought that was pretty good for a beginner labourer with no experience. What do you think a good starting wage is?

If the person is getting hired to run both equipment and manual labor, starting wage would be $20 and it would go up to $25 in a few months depending on how they work.
If they are hired to be an operator only $23 starting and $28 depending on actual experience, word of mouth and paper experience is totally different from actually watching the person.
And if the person is hired as only a manual laborer, $15-18 for starters and it would go up to $22 per hour.
I've seen manual laborers that work extremely hard and then brag they know how to run a piece of equipment, trust me, they aren't worth $22 per hour.
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