how not to hire a bum?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnfreak09, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. lawnfreak09

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    I was thinking of hiring some help and was wondering how you guys weed out the I mean what impresses you when someone calls for a job. I just dont want to hire someone i will regret. Thanks
  2. shovelracer

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    For starters the ones that find you without an add are usually the better ones. Usually more motivated since they took the initiative to ask you before you even said there was a job available. Ive had a job nearly everyday since I was 16 and only one was actually hiring. I got the rest by walking in and asking.

    Dont listen to the talk of experience because 90% of it is BS.

    Best is to weed them out over the phone a little. Then work them on a trial day. Give them some basic tasks and see how they follow instructions, if good then give them the most miserable, dirtiest job you have and see if they come back the second day.
  3. LB1234

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    We do this all the time. We try and tell them how $hitty their job is going to be. That they are low man on the totem pole doing jobs no one else wants to do and that it is back breaking work in all types of weather. If I don't get the hesitant 'okay' at that point then I tell them they are on a trial basis for the 1st week. I work the ever living crap out of them. If they survive that they can continue to work. a lot just say "i've found another job" after the first day or two.
  4. bohiaa

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    There was a closeing of a local business here where I live. right at the time I had a help wanted ad running. the job I had to offer was NOT for these type of people.
    the phone rang off the hook. I tried to inform then of how Shi&%$ the job was.

    however, I did end up hireing a guy, and sure enoulf he left me shortly after. Hired this other guy against my better judgement, and sure enoulf he couldn't do the job, and he didn't wanna work.

    there is no seceret forula here. just try to use your little vioce inside your head.
    and CALL those referances.
  5. dwlah

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    Avoid the ones that have thier parents/bf/gf /wife ask you if you are hiring
    Like has been said before If they are looking they will find you
    If they pass the interview give them a trial period
    find the crappiest jobs for them and stay on thier case
    If they stay you wont have to "come down hard" after being the nice guy

    One of my customers told me one day "Dont forget this is your business. You arent running a day care are you?"

    OBTW Ive gotten a rep as a hard case to work for with the teenagers that know me
    (doesnt bother me keeps the lazy ones at a distance)
  6. ontheouter

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    I always hire someone on the premise it's for 2 weeks only using the line it's for a once off job or while an offsider is taking some time off, and that it could lead to full time work.

    That way I get to see how they work and what their attitude is without expectation of a trial or anything like that where they might try extra hard just to win the job, but then become their real slack selves after they are hired.

    The most important thing I do is to let the new guy work with my other employees without me being there. This is the biggest give away for slackers because they will always act differently around the boss than they will around other employees. If they start slacking off or bad mouthing the boss with the other staff, I've got a loser and let em go.

    DLAWNS LawnSite Fanatic
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    I tell them that we drug test....they all say it's no problem, then half of them don't show up. I wonder why!!
  8. whoopassonthebluegrass

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    No tux = no job.
  9. mikey.hill

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    It cracks me up seeing guys being asses to their employees in a 'trial' run like this is the 1950's. Hire, motivate, teach and treat them right and you've just fostered a loyal employee(usually at a fraction of the cost).
  10. THC

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    Must have drivers licsense. That weeds things out considerably.

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