How often do you give employee raises?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by user1, Aug 16, 2000.

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    My employees are on my back about giving them a raise. We usually have employee evaluations once a year and those that have stuck with it and deserve a raise get one. The crew wants to change these evaluations to every six months. I want to keep my crew happy but I don't know how long I can keep up with a raise every six months. How often do you give raises and what do you base it on?
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    Six month's sounds fair. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, rent prices are always going up about that same 6 months if you don't have a year lease. Just don't give them the full yearly raise. Let use the amount of $1.At 6 months, give .50 then at the next six months, give them the other .50.

    Why are the workers asking for evulation at 6 months instead of yearly?? Are prices in that area going crazy like it is in my area. ($1500 for a single bedroom apt.)If you agree to the 6 month cycle, the raises should be smaller too. It all balances out this way.
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    i am not sure how much to pay my emplyees, I know this is going to ne different for every city but are you paying on a salary or hourly. I live in the st. louis area and was just kinda wondering what is the starting pay,a dn then how much should i be paying someone to run my crew while i am at college?
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    From what I have read in the past on this subject, people start their employee's in the range of 8 to 10 range. I know most of the big lawn maintenance contractors start people with no experience at $9.10 and hour. Even if you decide to pay by sallery, I would use what you pay hourly for your sallery. Using the above number, comes out to $72.80 a day.

    I work a total day of 9 1/2 hours a day. I give a 15 min break in morning and afternoon and an hour lunch.

    I think a good way to figure hourly vs sallery is this. If you work a full 8 hr day at least 95% of the time, pay a sallery. If you don't, pay hourly. I know at least in Califonia, Their are certain definitions you have to meet in order to pay a sallery wage. May want to check with your local state tax board.Hope this helps.:)
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    i pay my helper 9.00an hour
    my buddyis a crew sup. he makes 500.00 a week
    tues. thru sat.
    another budddy pays his help 400.00/250.00 a week.
    this is in the central fl. area.
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    You can't legally pay an employee salary unless they are a manager. They need to have 2 or more subordinates.

    But hey, that's legal stuff, lawn guys tend to be selective about complying with laws.

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