How often do you mow your residential accounts?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Holland, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    Mixture of both. I bought some yards form One of my friends that is a LCO and there're already set up as biweeklies but the ones I have got on my own are weeklies
  2. RSK Property Maintenance

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    every 4-7 days, then some are 12-16 days. I doing mowing wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday are rain days, and monday and tuesday are days for other jobs. so i could cut a lawn on saturday one week, then hit on thursday the next week or hit one saturday and skip it the next week then do it on thursday. If we get a dry week i try to hit them a day early so they are easier to cut, but lately we have been getting rain every day in the afternoon. so everything is still green and growing like crazy even without i guess i can't complain, hopefully nothing burns out in july and august. i've been cutting everything high this year so i should be good for a full 4 weeks of mowing in july and august but time will tell.
  3. MOturkey

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    I used to have a couple of commercial accounts that insisted on 10 day, and this how I did it, except I did them on Tuesday and Friday, which was a 10 and 11 day rotation. In a whole season, you might lose one cutting doing them this way over actually doing them every 10 days.
  4. herler

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    At present I have 64 or so lawns to maintain.

    Some are weekly and some are 10 and 12 days but I can tell you I'm glad with the present temperatures most are bi-weeklies and going into 2.5 and 3 weeks too (and 3 or 4 are once a month), that's not counting all the other work so without that I would never get everything done.
  5. inzane

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    I mostly do bermuda, and mostly every 14 day mows. If i only did weekly i wouldn't work. I mow at 2 inches for my bermuda lawns and not to sure how long my mower will last doing it this way. I've been raising up to 2.5 inches to see how that helps, but i'm sure i'll just have people calling me saying i'm not cutting short enough. I will dance in the streets when the day comes that i can sell off all my mowers and just do lawn apps.
  6. orangemower

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    For some strange reason I don't believe you. Sorry.
  7. Tunica

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    I turn down refuse to cut anyone that wants a 3 week cut THATS once a month. I am not interested in cutting 12 inch grass to 2 inches they can buy goats.
  8. monoshock

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    All but 2 of my lawns are every 2 weeks.
  9. Utah Lawn Care

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    All of my lawns have irrigation, they grow enough they really do need to be mowed weekly. Every one of my lawns right now I mow weekly. I have done quotes for bi-weekly and charge 50% more. My average lawn is only 4500 square feet or so. You folks mowing 15000+ on several of your lawns are in a different world than my part of the country. That's probably why people want bi-weekly - they don't want to be paying 70/week. The small lots I am doing are 20-40/week.
  10. wildstarblazer

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    That's the problem here.

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