How often do you replace belts ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tomoaktree, Mar 21, 2001.

  1. tomoaktree

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    How many hours can you get on belts? Do you keep extras on the truck ? How do you get a ztr back on the trailer if there is a breakdown ?
  2. Eric ELM

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    I always have a complete set of belts in the tool box on the truck. Most OEM belts last a long time as long as they don't have to make a lot of back bends. If so, you need a center cord belt so it can flex both ways. A outer cord belt is fine for belts just going round and round.

    I have had some belts last over 1500 hours. I have bought belts from a local place and they didn't last 100 hours. You get what you pay for. The belts on my newest Chopper have 329 hours on them and they still look new.

    To get a Chopper to roll, you have to turn 2 big screws under the seat on the pumps that release oil flow so you can push them or pull them. I have had a hydro belt come off when my wallet slipped out of my pocket and got caught in the belt and pulley. :( I just went to the truck and got a new one and replaced it. This is the only time I have lost the ability not to get my older Chopper back on the trailer.
  3. Please Eric don't brag we all know you are "chunked".

    Is this really the place to discuss your personal finances?
  4. You hook a tie strap up to your spare mower that you have on the trailer then use a come a long to winch the dead unit
    back onto the trailer.

    If you don't have a spare mower, winch, or strap you will soon.
  5. bob

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    I have yet to replace a belt on either of my Grasshoppers. One has 850 hours and the other 625. I helped a friend buy a used Grasshopper with 1600 hours on the meter. The prior owner said the blade belts were still original.
  6. eslawns

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    I just check them out when I clean the air filters. If they have nicks or are worn, I yank them. I keep spare parts in my garage in tool box drawers. Not enough to make a spare mower, but belts, filters, bearings, hardware, and cord. This also means I don't usually need to spend money in the off season, or early in the cutting season before money starts to come in.
  7. cleancut

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    They get replaced when they break....Derrick
  8. awm

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    when da is wore out is a good sighn da needs a new one.
  9. GLM

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    I just replaced mine(36 wb), I think that they are four seasons old and didn't want to push it. Bought all new ones and now the old ones are behind the seat of the truck just in case. Also both idler pulleys on my mower are the same so I have a spare one, because last summer one went up in smoke and I had to use my 21" Honda to finish, and then the dealer didn't have one in stock, good thing a Ransomes pulley was close enough!
  10. smburgess

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    ah... When they break, and it's a smart thing to carry extra belt of each with you...

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