How often do you sharpen your blades?

I'm looking for more of an hours based answer, I guess, since we all mow different amounts per day or week.


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I'm part time here, and I sharpen my blades every week, which turns out to be about every 10-12 hours.


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Goreville, IL
I also try to sharpen blades at least once a week. I would only sharpen them more often if I accidentally hit something. I always try my best to be careful when mowing, and not to hit anything that could damage them or make them dull quicker.


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Hershey, Pa
Part time, every 10-12 hours. Even then the blades usually aren't THAT bad, but we sharpen them anyway to make sure they are perfect.
Also scrape and service mowers every 10-12 hours. We end up doing it once a week.
Once every two weeks........


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SE Michigan
I envy you all. Our blades on two riders get changed one to two times a day. Sand, sticks, and careless employees. The machines get about 4-6 hours before we change them.

Hire slow Fire fast!


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Clinton, NJ
After about 5 hours or so in the Spring...Summer a bit more on them between sharpening.