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How often is too much Fertalizer


LawnSite Member
So i've been mowing a contract and its Bermuda grass. Well i guess 2 months ago i got the local co-op to come and spray and fertilize. And now its not that dark green but kinda lighter color. The customer wants it darker and so do i. . Also watering it 2 times daily. It takes about an hour and half mowing and trimming. But my question is can you ever fertilize and spray for weeds too much. And mowing about every 4 days at 4 inches.


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Flint, Michigan
Soil conditions make up alot of variables on this. I CAN say that you (or they, or whoever) are overwatering. There is absolutely no sense in watering established turf twice a day. Look into a higher quality fertilizer (or a higher quality company if needed). Go with something with a scu that is about 50% slow release. This costs a bit more than the straight (it sounds like your getting all chem - has no slow release), but it is well worth it. It is much healthier for the turf, as well. this way, you aren't getting a surge of growth, then a damping off. Your lawn isn't doing this roller coaster ride all season long.