How Often (Mow Lawns)

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by maverick323, May 17, 2011.

  1. DanielRoden

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    I do all of my yards bi weekly. If i do a yard Tuesday evening after work, I make sure I do it in exactly two weeks on Tuesday. The reasons for this are I don't want to miss the money by skipping a day here or there which will add up by the end of the season. Plus, if I wait a few extra days it makes for more weed eating, more difficult edging and more blowing. If rain is in the forecast I will show up a day early if possible and then another day or even more sooner if needed within the two weeks after a rain depending on how tall the grass is. The more opportunities to mow, the more paychecks. You work hard for your money. Don't let the customer make you work harder.
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    Man, this was one tough week. It's rained a lot and my bi-weekly accounts were out of control! Someone who didn't know what they were doing would have been struggling big time. Even unfertilized accounts at 16 days this time of year, with a week of rain, grow like crazy.
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    yes it was, thats why I cut the lawns when they were wet, so they wouldn't get too out of control and had 3 of my customers switch to having there lawns cut twice a week, and 1 of the every other weeks switch to weekly and another switch to every 10 days. now if I could get the other two bi-weeklys to stop being so cheap I would really be doing good. :usflag:
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    7-14 days depending on the weather

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