how often should a lawn be watered?

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by MuleCutter, Aug 29, 2006.

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    k guys.... i just bought out a lawn service and went full time cutting. cutting grass is all i know but today i had a bit of a problem. this lady is a brand new customer and when i went bid the yard i couldnt wait to do it cuz her grass was so green and full but when i went into the backyard my 19 hp 46 inch Exmark left ruts all over cuz the yard was full of water. she told me that she does water her yard 3 days a week but i dont know if that is enough to make that much water hold. and i dont know if its cuz of the rain we've been getting cuz we havent gotten rain in about a week. and the only other conclusion i can come up with is that it's a combination of both. anyway... i told her about the ruts that left and that its definitely NOT the quality i perform. but i'd like some help on this water issue? how often should it be watered? this yard is in a subdivision and it's not that big.
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    Some homeowners think an automatic lawn sprinkler system is just that. They can just set it and forget about it.
    Even with a rain sensor they should be monitored according to weather conditions.
    More than likely they are over watering but there could be a leak.
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    Type of turf, soil and weather have a great effect on how much watering is required. I'd also have to see the whole controller program to hazard a guess.
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    Most lawns should be watered at about one inch of water per week, so you need to know the sprinkler types and how long in minutes she waters per week in total [days by time per day], then look it up at the manufacturer site to calculate the amount it is being watered. Another way is to place little tin cups on ther lawn and run the sprinkler system to see how long it takes to get one inch of water, and then do that for the lawn per week.

    So if it takes one hour to get one inch, you would run the system for twenty minutes every other day. Sounds to me like she is probably watering two inches or more per week. As Purple said, other factors also matter, but if you are getting ruts it is overwatered and probably by a lot.
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    Like stated above... Instead of figureing out what type heads the homeowner has and how much water they are putting out. All you have to do is get a pie pan,or rain gauge or anything that would hold water. Stick it in the yard and let the system run for say 20 min. If there is 1/2" of water in the pan or whatever you are using then you would need to only water 2 times a week for 20 min each to get 1" of water per week.

    Does that sound confusing. Hope this helps.
  6. wski4fun

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    It may be the soil used. If it was installed with compost or not rolled after the loam was put down, it could leave ruts.
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    thanks guys... that helped a lot and it is pretty simple. i'll ask her what she's doing and how often she is watering her lawn then i'll make a recommendation. again....


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