How often should I adjust a new belt?


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How often should I adjust a new belt?
Make sure to check the adjustment on a new belt often. Check and adjust the belt if necessary three times in the first 24 hours of use. In this time the belt is seating into the pulleys. If the belt is allowed to loosen as it seats in you may spin burn the belt which drastically reduces the belt life.


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When I install a new belt, I will run the blades (assuming not the trans or hydro belt), for 5 minutes 60 % throttle no load
(i.e. not cutting grass)....I was told this helps to seat the belts. , ...Run another
10 minutes at 90% throttle then check tension (MY TT HP are spring loaded so I can ship this....but for manual adjust you'll have to adjust).....I try not to cut really tough lawns for at least 1 day then I'll cut anything (The 1 day is to help belts seat and ensure proper tension by waiting until most if not all the normal streatching has occurred).....from then on streatching is actually more wear than actual stretch....At least that's what I've been told.....I do thi and my belts last along time.....I guess it helps that I dont regularly have horribly tall yards,