how often should i advertise!!!???


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i been in this type of business 2 years and half already. before i used to advertise a lot.
this year i di very little in the spring.
but thanks God my phone was ringing all this time.
most of my costumers "WORTH A MOUTH"....
Now do you guys still advertise , even if are you busy???
anther thing , i had a guy working for me (recently i didn't hire him at all)i used to get him just for a day or 2.
i am most of the time by my self- I WORK MY ASS OF!(Sorry!)
all LSC keep telling me that i should hire somebody no mater what time.
now the reason that i don't hire that guy is because i am afraid to ,is just a big responsability giving work to somebody full time.
don't you think so??
maybe i am hungry money???!!
or not big enough to hire a helper full time....


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Word of mouth take time, thats why you are getting a lot of calls now IMO, You must do good work at a good price also. Try not to do any advertising for the next two years and see how far just "word of mouth" gets you. Being too busy is ok, just pick and choose the jobs you would like to do thats all, as far as hiring a full time guy you need to set a goal $$ or time or something wise and figure out the most cost effecient way to get there and do it. Hey, you can always get rid of a guy who doesnt produce. Like I said though, just my opinion


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This is my 4th year.
I will never hire another helper.
Been there, done that... All they do is slow me down and cost me money, in the end it's as much if not more work for the same result. I won't even bother listing the actual reasons, I'd never get done.

I advertise 24/7-365, doesn't matter if I'm busy or slow.
1 of 4 things happens:
1) I am BUSY AND the advertising is kicking - This drives the price up.
2) I am BUSY AND the advertising is doing nothing - Who cares?
3) I am NOT busy AND the advertising is kicking - Great!
4) I am NOT busy AND the advertising is doing nothing - The longer it runs, the better my chances of THIS not happening.

I feel with advertising it's a bit like with the stock market where you do it for the long-haul to catch the benefits when it hits. I used to run it only at certain times to try and hit that sweet spot and reduce my cost. Yeah, I got reamed bad once or twice so now it runs year round.
Another way to look at it is it gives me the option to be picky.

I was pretty good at 'part-time' advertising but all it took was missing the spot by a week or so, and I was right back to working for 15 dollars/hour MAN I hate that crap.