How often should I change out pine straw?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by hardatworknc, Apr 14, 2008.

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    We have the possibility of getting our first major commercial contract. The contract covers the maintenance for 50 condos. I am trying to figure out what my bid will be and I need to factor in the cost of pine straw maintenance. I am wondering how often it should be changed per year. Also on a side note, I will take any advice as to whether or not I should consider convincing them to maybe go with mulch instead. Is it more cost effective in the long run? Does it protect against weeds better? That sort of thing. I'm not sure if they are stuck on the pine straw or not, but it would be nice to go in there with some ideas for them.

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    If there is alot of pine trees they will cover new mulch eventually. I would change the pine straw out every year in your bid. You might not need as much every year but it will still fade a bit. It looks better new. IMO
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    my contracts require Straw in March... (too soon if you ask me- wooded area dropping leaves all over my new straw) and again in August.... (half the amount as the first first batch)

    March - 3000 bales
    August - 1500 bales across the front of the condos.
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    First of all, each contract is different (various scopes and specs). With that being said, it is a standard industry practice to change out pinestraw and mulch twice a year.

    As for cost effectiveness of pinestraw vs. mulch..... Pinestraw wins, hands down. Pinestraw is so much cheaper at cost and in terms of labor to apply it. It also does not attract your typical insects that mulch does, because it does not break down or retain the moisture that hardwood mulch does. The only draw back about pinestraw is during the leaf season, it is almost impossible to get the leaves out. Weeds... you can walk along, spray a weed, then kick up the pinestraw to cover that weed, and presto... chango... it was never there!:laugh: Other than the leaf thing, hands down, I would much rather apply pinestraw than mulch any day!:dancing:

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