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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by dhenegar, Mar 12, 2006.

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    I just bought a new xs and was wondering how often to grease the mule drive, deck idler and struts. The reason I ask is I had a 99 model lazer that called to grease these points more often (25 hrs), the new one calls for yearly greasing I think. thanks for info!
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    Your '99 model Lazer has the bushing/spacer-pivot idlers which do require significant attention to ensure they're properly greased. Your new machine has the new sealed idler pivots.

    These pivots are specifically designed for an idler system. An idler moves very little, so it tends to carry the whole load of the belt on a very small portion of the bearing or bushing. We use two spherical bearings (comparable to a ball joint), that help us spread that load out over a greater area. In addition, the top and bottom of the idler have seals. The bottom is a double lipped seal that prevents contaminants from entering and grease from exiting. The top is a single lipped seal that prevent contaminants from entering, but will allow grease to purge if over filled. The top of the idler is then capped off with a bearing guard, as the grease pushes out of the top seal, it forms a barrier underneath the that guard to prevent moisture and contaminants from even contacting the seal. We call out annual maintenance for this idler, my feeling is that if you never greased it, it'd still be better than the old style. We had a machine in Florida that we put over a thousand hours on without ever greasing, except during initial installation, and when that machine came back, that idler was as smooth as when it went out.

    On the bushing system, we recommend on top of the 25 hours, that at least once a month you remove the belt and spring tension and grease the idler under 'no load'. Then pivot the idler back and forth a couple times to help evenly distribute the grease. The reason for this is if you constantly grease it under load, it's very difficult for the grease to get to the 'tight side' of the bushing.

    Keep in mind, that no matter what we do with these machines, the ultimate performance comes down to belt tension (not to mention belt life!). We believe we have a system that allows you to keep that optimum belt tension through the life of the machine with very little maintenance. You can update machines to these idler systems for a pretty reasonable cost.

    Lazer Z (P# 103-5700 has 3 idlers): about than $115 Lazer HP/CT (P# 103-5702 has 2 idlers): about $90 Lazer XP (P# 103-5701 3 idlers): about $135

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions.



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