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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Sweet Home Alabama, Jun 12, 2019.

  1. Sweet Home Alabama

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    Greetings and Hello Y'all,

    My name is Danny Cathcart. This my 1st post introducing myself. Originally a snobird from Lansing/Jackson Michigan area. Now retired, having transferred my bride and l to Muscle Shoals Alabama. Life, for the most part has been good to me. Thankful for that.

    I found this forum while searching the net for information concerning a older 997 Ztrak. Finding this forum, and after reading, I fast realized the wealth of knowledge and information that is contained within the pages here.

    I'm not "in the business" as many of the regulars seemingly are. No matter though, l truly love a well manicured lawn. To me, a well manicured lawn is akin to building a living picture that more and likely, I'll never fully get to see due to time constraints with my age. Till then, I'll continue to give 115% towards life.

    Thank you to the Moderator(s) for approving my request to join.

    See y'all out in the yard, hopefully with dirt under y'alls fingernails

    Danny Cathcart.

  2. Michael J. Donovan

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  3. OP
    Sweet Home Alabama

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    Thanky Kindly Mr Micheal. Was just there at that forum reading. Knowledge is King.

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  4. hort101

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    Welcome to lawnsite Danny
    Theres a wide variety of members here sounds like youll find some like minded people on here
  5. GrassManKzoo

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  6. CorgiTurf

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    Just turned 85, June 2
  7. Charles

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    Grandmas would be 150 if they were still alive:laugh:. But any who, welcome to the forum.:waving:
  8. TrainingWheels

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    Welcome from Lansing!


  9. Cam15

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    Hi from Ohio!
  10. fireball756

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    Grandpas bought grandmas a brand new Locke mower 30” in 1932. In addition to cooking, cleaning, and kids. There wasn’t any reason that she couldn’t cut a few neighbors lawns in her spare time. And she did it all during the war years. She needs help with the pull start now

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