How perinoid can a customer be???!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassman50, Oct 15, 2001.

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    Grassman, You did the exact right thing. There is just WAY too much work out there to put up with all the hassle. One of the main things about this, is that you are supposed to enJOY the work. Not be stared at and scrutinized constantly. And Xofmot, let's face it, you're NOT the kid down the street, cutting it for rollerskating money. And this ISn't freakin' 1967! So the 1967 PRICES are OUT!;) Let them KNOW that!:)
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    i have a client he is a state rep. you would think he would spend a little money for his lawn nope. i did his lawn once last year, some how he got a price of $20 per cut even beforei saw the lawn, good ole dad talking at the bar (this guy is a bartender too). so i go to the house, he has the biggest lawn on the street, it is triple what some other houses hasnt been cut in a month. i only have a 21 toro and i fit all my stuff in an enclosed encoline van, how i do not know. i mow it, takes me about an hr. then he has a fence around his yard because he has a pool, i start trimming there, that took 30+min and blowing another 10 min. all in all a waste of my time. it was also about 90 degrees out so he says ill give you $30 because it was so hot out. i say fine and that i will be back in two weeks to mow it again. he says fine. two weeks later i come he says it doesnt need to be cut (which it did) and that he wants me to do leaves in the fall. about 3 weeks later i know the leaves are down he tells me he did them himself (not true). he asks my dad at the bar i i would remove brush. he says sure and it would be about $50. it turned out to be about 100 worth of work and he still complained i didnt get it all out and good ole dad says we will do more. he also said to clear out a few leaves which was the entire fall cleanup that he got for free. also he gets free fertilizing twice thanks to good ole dad. one time when we showed up to cut it, it had been done already, but no trimming, missed spots and clumps (he did it himself) it has now been 7weeks since i cut his lawn. it is like hay and in some places over 12 inches high and he says it dont need i am thinking of dropping him. you would think that people who make over $80ka year would pay a little better. sorry for a long post its been a long day.
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    It sounds to me like the morning after "Good ole' dad" is quoting all these great prices as the drinks are coming over the bar, that "Good ole' dad" should be out there backing them up with the work! Tell dad you're too busy to be doing work for free. If he wants to go do it for that, he can.:blob3:
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    It doesn't improve with age, so paranoids are not like fine wine.

    In fact, regarding most paranoids, the older they get, the better they WERE!!!

    They must be dropped. You can try to be nice to them, but you must be firm and set boundaries. If all you want to do is work and not be bothered, drop the paranoid like a crash diet.

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    You did the right thing!!

    I have a feeling I would have blew up sooner than you did.

    When i worked for a LC we had some customers like that, finally they had to be told to stay in the house and leave the guys alone.

    Lifes too short to put up with that.
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    :(sorryguys, I gotta disagree. unless you are covered up the ole bat deserves a break.

    she is persnickity and hateful because she is old and guarding the million bucks stuck in the matress.

    she apologised to you in her own way.

    we all hate being treated like this.

    I say give the ole bat a call and ask if she needs anything, PROVIDED, that the money was ok to begin with.

    and please remind me that I said this the next time I complain about mowing for an ole bat!:p

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    These days I'll drop a customer if they look at me funny.
    Back when I started I'd pick up their dry cleaning if they asked.
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    When I read the first post I had to check who wrote it. I first thought it was another lawnboy82 post. haha.

    Life is too short to be miserable. Not to mention, its your biz, so drop the junk.
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    Don't you just hate people like that? I wouldn't mow that property for twice the price you were getting. I got into this line of work as a way to relieve stress. If it's not fun, why bother. In my opinion, you did the right thing by walking. I hope that you walked straight to the bank and cashed her check.
    She can be replaced!!
    Take care, Bill Craig

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