how price for tiny litle jobs that coustomers ask you to do while you at the job ???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rats5656, Oct 4, 2000.

  1. rats5656

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    my ? is that what do you charge coustomers for like 5-15 mintues of stick picking up ,leaves removal (like blowing in a pile),,and other things like take 2 of the coustomers barrells and dump them in the truck full of grass or whatever. or what do you do when they ask do something they need done right away but you have no time because you are in a hurry from the pastt two days if rain ?
  2. MOW ED

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    Tough call but if its a bigger request like an extra 15 minutes of string trimming then I charge them a buck per minute. If its a good customer (weekly mow, fert, spring fall clean, aeration) then I make some exceptions on the fee. It all depends on your relationship with the customer. If they are good to you then a small favor shouldn't be passed by. It builds more business down the line. The danger is that sometimes people will expect freebees all the time. You just have to have a sence of the customer.

    It sucks to be behind because of rain or any reason but you are behind because you are working and the key is to keep the reasons you are working (customers) happy. Good Luck.
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    I had one lady that always wanted something. Small stuff, not necessarly related to her yard. Carry this TV upstairs for me, move my birdbath, carry my patio furnature to my deck...

    She was a COD customer, and always gave me the check before she asked for her "favors"

    I switched her to monthly billing, and added on for my time for each service. I kept detailed records of my time, and billed her accordingly.

    The requests stopped.
  4. TGCummings

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    I break down my minimum hourly rate into 5-10 minute increments, and then charge accordingly for anything not previously agreed upon (such as scheduled mowing, trimming, blowing). I try to keep my target rate divisible by either 6 or 12 for this reason, to break down the minutes. If my target is $42/hour, then that's $7 for each 10 minutes of extra work.

    At $36 or $48/hour, you can break it down evenly to 5-minute ($4/increment), 10-minute ($8), 15-minute ($12), or any other even increment on the clock. Makes it easier. :)

    However, that said, I like Ed's idea of $1/minute even better, for all the right reasons. ;)

  5. I only provide the work that I am contacted to do and nothing more.

    To do other stuff like planting screws up my whole system.
    I ONLY provide full service lawn care. I will remove leaves from landscaped beds but if they what anything else done they need to call a landscape construction contractor.

    If they want work done around the house they need to call a licensed professional in that area of work also.

    If you think like a lawn boy you will ALWAYS be a lawn boy.
  6. TGCummings

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    I agree with Mr. Stone here.

    There was a time, in years gone by, where I'd carry a TV upstairs or move a birdbath for a quick $5, but no more. I'm a licensed professional in the Green Industry, and Green Industry services are what I provide. I never ask the Appliance Repairman to help cut my lawn while he's over or the Satellite Technician to clean the septic tank, because that's not their job. Rememeber, your insurance covers only what you do for a living...

    That being said, you still might catch me helping a little old lady on my route take a bag or two of groceries in, pro bono, if I'm running ahead of schedule and she seems overwrought. After all, I'm still a pretty nice guy... ;)

  7. accuratelawn

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    The last two posts are off base.
    Yes we are in lawn care, but if a customes makes a request for services we are able to provide and are willing to do. Why not?
    Lawnboy? Today I had a customer ask me about trimming shrubs... only a few. After talking with her longer, I pointed out some trees that needed prunning. She then wanted a bid to plant three large Birch trees and several shrubs.
    In this case it could into a large project.
    I know Stone doesn't dig in the dirt to make money... but if the job is profitable why not?
    By the way I provide full service lawn care at this property. Mow ,fert/herbs, and aeration.
  8. Chuck Sinclair

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    The way i look at it is i will do anything legal for MONEY!
    If it is illegal i need lots and lots of money;)
  9. TGCummings

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    Hey Accurate Lawn,

    Where abouts was I off base? Last I checked, trimming shrubs, pruning, and planting are all a part of the Green Industry, and all services that I provide...


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