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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by hoylebros, May 11, 2010.

  1. hoylebros

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    I had posted earlier about using a Revitalizer this time of year...I really want to use one to see if it is something I could offer to separate myself from the competition around here. No one power seeds here, just core aeration. My question is how productive is many sq.ft. per hour? Also pricing compared to core aerating? I would probably be using the rental unit. Do you guys think it would be okay to seed with it now if they keep it irrigated? I normally never seed this time of year but, she doesn't want to wait until fall to do it. Thanks for your input.
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    I suggest you rent one and try it out first. I did, and I will keep my comments to myself on it. I will say that it seems to run at a max 3 mph ground speed so you can figure out from there how it compares to other methods.

    Picture walking behind a 21" mower at a decent pace.

    regarding pricing comparison to aerating, slit seeding should command a higher price. But.... this should be based on results so if you use a seeder and there aren't good results, people will talk fast and you will be out of luck. thats why I suggest to get a renatal and figure out what real value it is. If nobody in your area is offering it then theres a decent chance that either theres no market for it, the price is too high or people just don't see enough value to pay for it.
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    Thanks for your thoughts freddyc. I was starting to think that this site was just for people to post pics of crooked stripes instead of valuable info. Turns out the customer doesn't have the budget for the slit seeding. I think I'm going to rent one myself in the fall and do my own lawn so I can price accurately for the service instead of trying to guess. Thanks again!:drinkup:
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    I purchased the Lawn Solutions Turf Revitilizer earlier this year, 9hp model and I am extremely happy with this product. This product is strictly for home use, since I'm not a landscaper, but am a perfectionest when it comes to my landscaping.

    First item, thatching. Thatched my entire lawn in mid March and was amazed at the amount of thatch my lawn had. I then used my Scag to bag the thatch and again was amazed that my lawn didn't look beat up like it would it you did it by hand.

    Second seeding. I purchased high quality seeds 80% KBG and 20% Perennial Rye and applied the same day... and the grass came in very nicely with proper watering. The seeds clearly dropped into the slits made by the slit seeder.

    So end results, if you want an extreme lawn, this is the machine to buy. Totally happy with the product the company Lawn Solutions and the delivery, FedEx was a pleasure to work with in delivering this product to my home.
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  5. hoylebros

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    Thanks EastCoast! I'm just waiting on fall to get here so I can try it on my own lawn!
  6. cod8825

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    I will say that I used one last year on ten lawns and was very pleased with the results. You will be able to get about 25000 sq ft done in an hour this is assuming that you are seeding in two directions so I did most of my 5000 to 8000 foot lawns in about 25 to 40 minutes. No issues no breakdowns nothing but then again I rented one and used it on ten yards only.

  7. kenny s

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    East Coast,
    I read your reply regardin the LS Reviltilizer. I own one and like it very much, my only problem is setting the proper depth of the slicing blades while planting seed. I live in Norhtern Bergen County NJ so ourtemps and soil cond. are probably similar. Can you tell me approx. what depth you set your blades when seeding, in most conditions. I sometimes get good results, others not, and all I can figure is the depth is wrong, maybe too deep, or not deeo enough. I tried to mark the holes in the depth setting arm, but I am not sure if I am getting it right. I am kind of new to this and could use some advice from anyone who uses the Revitilizer. Thank you,
    Ken Solarino
  8. EastCoast

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    I set the blades between 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep. I had the same question and spoke with David Cook about this since there are no depth indications on the adjustment lever, because over time the blades will wear and the adjustment depth would not be accurate.

    The best thing to do is set the depth lever and test it on your lawn until you find the proper setting.... if your grounds are bumpy there will be times when the slits are deeper or sometimes not as deep, that why it best to seed in multiple directions.

    The deeper your slits the longer it will take for that seed to appear.
  9. LawnSolutionsCP

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    Another thing to watch, if you have spotty germination is can be due to low areas and excessive watering or rain where you get water standing causing the seed to float away. This is normally obvious and probably the reason you are seeding the area first. Fix the drainage problem first.

    Another option would be: too much shade. If there isn't enough sun light the seed isn't going to take off and won't last. Time the trees or branches allowing more light prior to seeding.

    On hills, just to across the hills and the seed stays even during hard rains it doesn't go washing down the hill.

    These are the common things I see in the field. Must have water, but no standing water; must have sunlight; must have seed to soil contact.


  10. Pistol

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    One thing to consider in pricing vs core aeration is the time / cost of getting up the thatch when slit-seeding. I have not used a Lawn Solutions TR - just a Clausen from HD. The first time I used it on a large lawn (I'm solo), I was there half the day - raking up thatch - just something to consider in your pricing.

    I played with the Lawn Solution TR at the show in Louisville last fall as well as their aerator - I now dream about having both!!! And just like you said, people in my area of NC are not at all aware of slit-seeding - they're big on aerating and seeding. Slit-seeding works soooo much better (or even better - do both!!!).

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