How profitable is spraying?


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Martinsville, IN
I am looking into getting my state license for pesticides and such and I was curious to know how the money compares to mowing? I am talking about spraying weed and feed type applications, bushes, and maybe trees.

James Cormier

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Here's a overly simple way to put it.

1 guy with spreader/sprayer can do $1.200.00(easy) prodo in 1 day
with van,spreader,materials

How much can that same guy doing in mowing in one day maybe 400-500 dollars?
with truck, trailer, mower, trimmer, blower

more equipment, more costs and less income

J Hisch

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Evansville IN
Just like James said. A sprayer cost about 3500.00 last for years, spreader cost about 400 last for years. you can make a huge income. plus the customers are easier to get.... than mowing.

tx fire

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Heres another ? What classes do you need to take and how to bid yards. I m a firefighter fulltime and llooking for good partime jobs. I have been mowing for a year. But man does it wear you down. I am new to the site. Have had a lot of good insite. Thank you for any remarks.

envi lawn

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Firefighters should stick to fires. Most lawn care professionals who work at it full time don't appreciate the extra competition from someone who already makes $50k a year before touching a spreader. FFs and others can bend prices and usually undercut the full timers just to get the job.
Just my two cents


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Cheyenne, WY
Where I'm located for a small property up to 5k is $39 an ap. Up to 10k is around $59. Once you get into bigger properties the price per 1000 sqf gets lower. For example, I bid a 270,000 sqf property at $4.25 a 1000 sqf = $1,147.50 per ap. x 4 aps. =$4,590 for the season. Exspences for product is around $4.89 per 1000 sqf for the season. $4.89 X 270 =$1,320.30 for product for season, $4,590-$1,320.30 = $3,269.70 profit after product exspence. I bid a 410,000 sqf property at $3 a 1000 sqf.

I've seen people on here talking about $3-$4 a 1000 sqf. for fert and then another $3-$4 for W/C. My area will not alow that. I use a 4 step fert program that includes two aps of W/C as needed. First ap includes Demension. A second ap of W/C as needed either in late spring or Fall. Insecticide and other treatments are extra.

Tx fire, As far as getting licensed goes call your Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection office. They should be able to get you started. Here in WI you can either take a class followed by a test. Or you can do a home study at your own pace and take the test whenever you are ready to. However, every state is different.


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Originally posted by tx fire
Thank you for the reply Sodzilla and the info.
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