How sealed are "sealed bearings"?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Jason Rose, Jun 16, 2005.

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    Question: Your Z comes with grease zerks installed but you find out that the bearings that are use and the replacements are all 'sealed'. I asked the guy at the supply house I got my new bearings from a few times and he said there was no reason to put any grease in the spindle because it won't be doing the bearing any good anyway. Is this true or not???

    The reason I ask is that I stopped greasing them completely and have since then replaced all of them in just about half a seasons mowing. One set that I had replaced a month ago I pulled out (since I was replacing the other 4) and checked them. Sure enough there was blue grease oozing out of them around the seal and more blue grease in the spindle housing. I have NEVER used blue grease so the olny place it had to be from was the bearings. Needless to say I packed them all full of high-temp grease this time. I'm assuming that if the grease can get OUT of the bearing like that then surely it can also get IN too. I asked someone else and he said "NO, you should only fill the spindle about half way to allow for expansion of the grease" I packed them FULL. My theory: When it does expand it goes into the bearings where it's supposed to be... How else would it get in there without pressure forcing it?
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    Hustler uses sealed bearings on the spindles and the manual says to grease once a year or every 300 hours or something like this. Any way all they are having you do is just keeping the spindle void full of grease to keep out any water.Our WB had a spindle bearing wear out after 3 years and 1500 hours and we greased it once a month.
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    if you get sealed bearings you need to pry one of the seals out(the one inside the spindle) of the bearing b4 installing it. then grease as normal.

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