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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by tom's lawn care, Mar 3, 2009.

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    I am almost sixteen and I have my own company. I started last year with about three accounts down the street from me, and I would like to really get my buisness going this year. I have all the equipment that I need, which consists of a 52 wright stander, 18ft open trailer, ford f-350, toro super recycler, stihl trimmers and blowers, and much more. I have printed out about one thousand fliers, and I was going to hand them out on doors. i was wondering if there are any other suggestions on how to advertise. Also deos knocking on doors help more? Also what should I say? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    you should say,

    hello i am sixteen and am fallowing in my brothers footsteps. My brother does a much better job than me and here is his card, give him a call if you need any lawn or landscaping services.
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    joe you just ruind my thread
  4. tom's lawn care

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    By the way I like how you put my mower picture as your profile picture
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    i still don't understand why people have to be a** on here. but it is hard for some people to belive at that age that u have that equipment. im not denying that u do but what u say u have is your mater. u can do what u said with passing out flyer's. dint leave them in mail boxes against federal law. u could do direct mailers, that get expensive. also get yard signs and stick them in the yards that u cut. u can letter your truck and trailer or get magnetics signs.
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    Ill fix it.
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    some people are just a$$holes in general.
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    I would advise against going door to door as that usually requires a permit. Even with a permit most people don't like the door to door salesmen. I would suggest that you just pass out the flyers in newspaper boxes.
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    What's up bud. I passed out two thousand flyers last year and had too much business to handle. I would highly suggest passing out at least five thousand so you can pick and choose your yards since you are just starting out. I had much luck putting flyers ON THE FLAGS of mailboxes. Have a sign on your truck so people know who you are when you drive up and down their streets doing these flyers. Some people say not to put flyers even ON THE OUTSIDE of mailboxes. However, it really just depends on where you are and what the rules are. I called the United States postmaster and they said putting flyers on mailboxes is out of the question. Then they told me to call my local postmaster. My local postmaster said that they don't usually go after people until it becomes a problem. I also asked about five local postcarriers and they said I can absolutely do it....just to be professional about it.


    - have signs on your car so people know you are a business and not tampering with their mailboxes

    -my friend said to go out and do it around 1 or 2 in the morning. that is stupid just because is sketchy

    -don't put them out if it is going to rain in the next day or two

    -go back the next day or two and pick up flyers that people did not get. ex. houses that are for sale. also pick up any remaining flyers that are blowing around the streets

    -pass up or either go to the door when you see a mailbox that has no lid or the lid is not shut. better safe than sorry!

    -wave and smile at neighbors and people walkig their dog or exercising

    - be a professional.......... "if you look professional and act professional, you are professional"
  10. tom's lawn care

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    thanks thats some good info, i'll try it.

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