how should i get payed

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    how should i get payed and should i send the bill in the mail also we have a lot of1/2 acre lots what do you think i should charge
  2. JB1

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    Cash Cash Cash Cash
  3. tamadrummer

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    The way I do it, is to send out bills on the 15th of the month due by the 1st and late if paid after the 15th. On the bill is a late fee statement that if they pay after the 15th they will be charged a $10.00 late fee.

    Now my business is brand new and I have only had 2 billing cycles and I only have 8 customers to bill so it has been perfect so far. I am hoping that as time progresses it will stay the same.

    As far as bills go, I just asked my wife to make a letter head document for me and then we made our bills from that. We use labels for addresses and put an envelope that is return addressed in the bill.

    Good luck and best wishes, you are doing great for a 14 year old!!
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    With my company im a S corp. I rent everything to the company, the company owns nothing. so i get a rent check every month after the all bills are paid and the employes are paid.
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    How old are you? 14?
    Go to the door and knock after each cut.

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    Just get cash or check from the customer after every cut.
  7. DSLND

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    Are you sure your ready for this business?

    Almost evertime i get on here, you've started another useless thread, repeating the same questions over and over. I think you would be better off working for someone else, or better yet, staying in school and learning some grammar skills!

    This isn't fun and games, if you are serious about this business, then you are diving into the deep end, because from the way i hear it, it sounds as if you know nothing about business, or even common sense. Read some books, search here on LawnSite, and ask any questions you may have later. I mean theres no use in asking "what should i charge?" or "How should i get payed?" because theirs answers all over this site! I'd be careful about getting customers, because it sounds like you would be the type of person people take advantage of.

    Why do i sound like i know this stuff? I've been there. I started when i was ten, mowing my neighbors yard, and built my business from nothing, and now i'm fourteen, and making a ton of money. The equipment i have didn't come from daddy's checkbook, i paid cash for EVERYTHING! Sounds like your daddy is very wealthy, to go out and buy his son a $15k tractor. I suggest if you want to follow his success, that you stay in school, and work on weekends.

    Also, i saw a comment "my dad lets me run a chainsaw, therefore i should do it at other people's houses." ARE YOU SERIOUS? If your dad did let you do weed, does that mean you should do it with other drug addicts? NO! The chainsaw is a very dangerous tool, i ONLY run it at a customer's home if the work is very minor, anything big i sub out to a local tree service. I'm fully insured, and licensed and I still am cautious about the jobs i accept. Imagine if you got hurt at a jobsite, nobody was around. Six hours later, they find you dead, the saw went right through your leg, and you lost too much blood. Not only would your family be ALL over the news, the customer would get in trouble for hiring a uninsured, unexperienced, minor.

    Listen to the guys here on LawnSite, and use the "Search" feature.

    Good Luck With Your Business!

  8. Runner

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    And in all fairness, Mitch.....WHO is insured?
  9. supercuts

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    mitch, you sound much older than 14 years old and was shocked when i got to that line. you are right, he needs to research a bit more. its also in bad taste to come on and ask rediculous questions and then put in your sig your getting an 09 f450. clearly if you cant price a lawn, you cant afford an f450 from working. if money was left to you, you should consider how to spend it wisely. asking how to collect money is something you should already know. how do you think any service provider collects fees??? they send a bill once a month. at 14 you should have an understanding of these types of concepts, unless your parents have taken care of all your finaces.

    about the chainsaw, i saw that on here, didnt realize it was you. you clearly need to mature a bit before you take on dropping trees in someones yard. a young kid (18) died in town a year ago dropping a tree.

    i say all of this not to offened you, but to open your eyes a bit and give serious thought to what it is your trying to do. good luck in your endevours
  10. willietd2

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    Man I Love This Site,you Cant Buy This Kind Of Humor

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