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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Basilhayden, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. Basilhayden

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    I have my mower, trimmers, blower,etc. I could cut tomorrow. I have a semi-fulltime job with health ins. that I can just about make up my own schedule. My initial plan is to try to pick up a few yards for next season (as many as possible) and continue with my current job, taking a day or two off to devote to the lawn business. I want to be as professional as possible with business cards, brochures, logo t-shirts, trailer sign, etc. I feel that this is the best way to advertise and get my name out there and get my foot in the door. But, I'd hate to spend a bunch of money on insurance, business fees, and such and only be doing this on a limited basis at this time. I hope to be in a position in the near future to do this full time, but don't really know when that might be. I'd also like to come up with a decent name. Should I register it with the city or whoever? I'm sure some of you have been in the same spot that I am in. What are your suggestions? What is the bare minimum that you would do and still try to be as professional as possible? Thanks for any help.
  2. Stevegotcrabgrass

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    Bare minimum, insurance, and whatever licensing your state/county requires. If you go a little further you can form an LLC. That is the minimum.
  3. Landscape Poet

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    Just my opinion - if you want to be professional as you say - get insurance - I do not know what you will be charged - but mine is $76 a month for over a million. There is nothing professional about a rock flying out your mower and hitting a neighbor's kid and you getting sued and losing your house! If you really want to make it into a professional business, treat it as such, get insurance.
  4. CapitalLawnGroup

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    That made no sense, "as professional as possible" but no insurance, registered name, or license? If you are going to spend money on cards, shirts, logo, trailer sign, brochures, you had better register your name. It may already be taken but not active, or someone else may see it, like it, register it before you and theres nothing you can do.

    I had insurance, license, and all paper work filed before I spent any money on any logo cards or anything. Legal first, image second. Otherwise you fall into the same category as all the illegals taking our work for cash.
  5. 360ci

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    I concur. Insurance is key. It's best to offer a potential new client not only with a business card, but a copy of proof of insurance. having insurance will get you more clients. I just re-registered my business name this spring for the second time. I have to renew it every five years and state if it's still a sole-proprietorship or a partnership. Half of all the adverts online for lawn care work, such as can't provide proof of insurance.

    It's the whole "Burglar fell through my skylight and onto a kitchen knife and sued me!" motto. Cover your ass first.

    I don't suggest getting those iron-on tshirt transfer sheets at Staples or another business supply store. Get the company name sewn on for a more professional look. After a few washes, the iron-on design will come off, unless of course, you decide never to wash your shirts.
  6. Tom3982s

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    I have to agree with stevegot... Make sure your legal in your area...
  7. unkownfl

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    Not if its Florida and you claim home stead. But I still have insurance just for the point if I hit someone that they can go to the doctor and not have to worry about it and for my peace of mind.

    You will save money on taxes if you inc or llc depending on the business ownership if its your self LLC most likely.
  8. Premier landscaping south

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    Get insured.

    You do not neccerarly have to get uniforms with a logo on it to get going.

    LLC will protect your personnel belongings(House ,toys ect.) in case you are sued.

    Register with your state as a llc at I paid $110.

    Get some post cards made up. Cheapest next to word of mouth. Hand deliver them in neighborhoods to save some cost. Time consuming though. I have handed out flyers and put them in the paper encloser under the mailbox.

    What kind of mower do you have?
  9. Landscape Poet

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    Not worth the battle, if something does happen, I like to know that I am covered, gives me piece of mind to know that If I do damage to anything and God forbid anyone, the lose to me personally will be minimal at best.

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