How small of an operation?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mabrito88, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. pythons37

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    I don't look at high end business, too much. The last one I visited insisted on bagging, which I don't do. She expressed frustration with the crew that did her yard, because they never came when She wanted them to. I told her I could be responsive within a day, but no bagging. How much? I said $75.00 first time and we'd see, after that.
    She said the two man crew was doing it for $25.00 and it took them an hour. How can anyone send out a crew for that kind of money? I figured it for about two hours. If less, I would have lowered the price, but still no bagging. I did not get the job. Lucky me, I think.
  2. Northeastbama

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    I like this guy^ I can't stand the jerks that think they own the town... I like my small overhead. That way the customer & I both feel good afterwards . Jerks think I'm going broke I didn't support my wife through med school for nothing ;)
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    I have a old Toyota Camry that's beat up. Once in a while I'll ride around with a push mower in the trunk and a trimmer sticking out the back, just for fun. :)
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    I think you know the answer to this one: The crew wasn't doing it for $25.

    I picked up a client who quotes this type of pricing on everything she's had done in the past. I do a lot of work for her, but, stick to my guns, as she uses her elderly-ness to try and make me feel guilty and charge less. For her to do this to me is insulting. My time and equipment are worth something.
  5. ducnut

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    We have a jerk like that, here. He doesn't wave at or talk to any of the other lawn guys. I was talking to the most senior LCO we have (36yrs in business), the other night. He was like "I'm going to give you a list of every customer that dude has. I want you to bid every one of his properties, for next year.". I had to laugh.

    Heck, I wave at anyone with a mower in tow.
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    She and her husband run a big Auto Repair place in town. I asked her if she thought they could really operate at $25. Then she said she'd be willing to pay more, if I could bag it. I still walked away. Funny, too. Since then I have picked up a 46" rider with a bagger. It works well. I'm NOT going to call her, though. I'm going to try it out on leaves this Fall.
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    My cousin started with 2 push mowers in the back of an old ford ranger back in the 80's, now he is one of the largest in our area with the exception of brickman.

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