How soon can I cut?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by pcs, May 21, 2001.

  1. pcs

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    How long should you wait to cut after a lawn has a sprayed with pesticide?
  2. awm

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    if we are talking herbicides ,wait until you can see
    the result,as it will be under stress.your climate is so diff. than mine.wouldnt want to say more
  3. cantoo

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    My supplier says 2 hours after sparay has dried it is absorbed and safe to mow. I would wait at least a day for my lawns. If the grass is wet any discharged grass onto the beds would /could kill the flowers etc.
    With pesticides the old advice better safe than sorry is a good rule.
  4. gusbuster

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    At least 72 hours after application of herbicide. That's how long it's going to take to see the results on most commercial grade herbicides,( depends on day and night time temps) longer if purchased at the likes of Home Depot,Lowes ect...

    Remember also to bag your clippings. It's not recommended to mulch for at least 2 cuttings after app of herbicides.
  5. KD'sLawns

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    I generally wait about 72 hours. After the first 4 hours, the pesticide is absorbed by the plants. But, I leave it on undisturbed for about 24- 48 hours. Then, water everything in good to wash away remaining pesticides and let dry. Then mow whenever, because the pesticides are now in the root of the plant.
  6. TLS

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    Is that a typo? You should NEVER bag after a herbicide/fertilizer application! The chemicals are still on the blade of grass, why remove them and the fert? I never bag, but all my spray subs ever say is cut high (which I always do) and dont bag the first two cuts after a spray (which I cant and dont). Maybe you are talking about granular applications, in which case I still wouldn't recommend bagging after an application. Any herbicide/fert application should be applied with half your normal mowing weeks growth, and not cut for the other half week. This allows for more surface area for the herbicide to adhere to and allows it enough time to work its magic.
  7. lawnboy82

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    your insecticidal soaps, and horticultural oils can be cut once they dry. which usually is not that long a period of time. the granulars and sprays and what not, some sprays take 24 hours before you can reenter the treated area without any protection, others take 48 hours. so i would say to wait 2 days, to be safe. then go in and do what you have to do. i have a customer who gets her lawn treated every month i think it is, and i asked her a few years back to tell chemlawn to apply their stuff on a monday or tuesday. so that way when you go there friday or thursday you wont have to deal with gettin sick, and disturbing the stuff.
  8. jaclawn

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    I think that you should read the label of the product in question.
  9. gusbuster

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    Please re-read my post. I never said anything about bagging after apps of fertilizer. What I said
    Reason why it's recommended to bag after a HERBICIDE APP is it effects the natural breakdown(decomposing) of the mulched grass. That's what is taught here localy. Keep in mind something, just because it's done one way there, doesn't mean it's right way here. I basicly said the same thing as your sub. I do realize that grass grows differently all over the U.S.. I have never had to deal with grass that grows any faster than 1" in a 10 day period except right after a fert app in the spring time.


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