How soon can I mow after application?

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  1. These lawns have just had a broadleaf weed control application. How soon can I mow?
    I usually wait until I see the dandylions leaves start to curl, but I'm in kind of a time crunch. What's good? 24 hours? Two days?
    The label says "wait until the herbicide is translocated to the roots". It's been in the 70's no rain, heavy dew.
  2. Runner

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    24 hours is recommended for complete translocation from leaf through plant.
  3. 1993lx172

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    I agree with Runner, give it at least a day maybe a day and a half.
  4. vencops

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    What did the applicator say?

    Most RUP's I deal with (labels) say to wait 2 days.

    What was the herbicide?
  5. all ferris

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    I do fert and squirt plus mowing. I have a few customers that don't use my application services but I do mow for them. Guess how long I wait to mow their yard after the "other" guy does the application...:laugh:
  6. Rick111

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    The herbicide I use for broadleaf weeds is speedzone. The label says do not mow two days before or two days after application so that is what I do.
  7. Some generic 2,4-D called Strike-3 that I got at the local farm supply store. Cheap enough at $56 for 2 1/2 gallon. But I'm looking into one of those new herbicides that control broadleaf and grass weeds in one application. The adds say it controls crabgrass, nutsedge post emergence. I want to read the label.

    Thanks everybody for replies. I managed to stay off for 2 days, and I could see the dandylions starting to curl. Even the clover where I hit a patch of it out in the open was turning a little yellow. Not the clover nestled down in the lawn though.

    My label only said after translocation was complete. I figure it's got to be different for different weeds and conditions. But I was only after mostly dandylions & plantain. I usually stay off a half a week, but we've had some kind of record rainfall here for September, like 11 inches in the month of September.
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    Strike 3 is actually a really good herbicide. It has dicamba in it so the clover should be toast. Usually 1 day is all thats necessary, but two days generally is better.
  9. vencops

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    Which grassy weeds?

    If you find the herbicide you're describing, please share with us.
  10. vencops; I don't think it's just one. I found four full page adds for herbicide for post emergence of grassy weeds in just one issue of "Lawn & Landscape." Which is a free trade magazine. Crabgrass & sedges is what stood out to me because that's my biggest problems.
    But don't wait for me. Whatever I find works in sw Ohio won't be best for you.

    TMlawncare; Thanks for the info. This is my first season with Strike3. My problem was that the lawn was too tall for application. I got suprised this September when we got 11" of rain when normal is 2 1/2". I went ahead and sprayed anyway. That dwarf white clover was down underneath everything else. I got some of it. Clover is an on-going battle around here, like crabgrass.

    Thanks again to everyone for your help.

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