How soon can you use a big mower on new sod?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Grass Groomer, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Grass Groomer

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    I just got a contract to mow a new upscale property which will have sod in a week or two. My question is, how soon can I put a heavy mower on it? I have a 36" TTHP so it is not huge but this is a good contract that has the potential to lead to great things. I can use my push but just wanted to know for how long.
  2. JimLewis

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    You want to wait as long as possible but you can't let the new grass get too long before you cut either.

    If fertilizer was applied and the turf is being irrigated daily, it should take fairly quickly. In my area, usually new sod takes in about 3 weeks. By "take" I mean, the sod has built up some fairly strong roots and you can pull on it as hard as you want and it still doesn't come up. By that time, it's usually starting to get a good 4-5" tall too. At that point, it's ready to me mowed.
  3. MTR

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    4 weeks from sodding till cutting down here in Florida.
    I got this from one of Lennar company homebuilders. You don't want to tear sods up with that 36"
  4. rodfather

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    I usually wait 30 days.

    If it is real long b4 we mow it the first time, I will let the client know ahead of time that the first mowing will be moderately more due to the fact I will be using a grass catcher/vacuum to pick up the clippings. I have never had anyone complain about that...they understand.
  5. In the growing season 3 weeks.
  6. Luscious Lawns

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    3 weeks in the growing season is fine, I think we all agree on that. But what about the dormant season. In the cemetary biz it is not uncommon to cover new graves with dormant sod. Dec., Jan., Feb. so it's not uncommon for sod in this biz to have to lay up to 3 months. I'm not involved with the laying of the domant sod but I cought a corner on a spot that had been doun 8+ weeks/. That 60" Z sucked up 4 blocks before I could blink. Of corse I replaced the sod but now I'm very carefull of new sod. My best advice grab a big handfull of the grass and give it a pull if you can lift it a mower sure will.
  7. Runner

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    I agree. About a month, usually, depending on the irrigation, soil conditions, and fert. content. Mow it high (less vacuum), and do NOT go in later and chop it all down. Cut it down in increments.
  8. Grass Groomer

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    Thanks for all the input. I will put it to good use and maybe get rich. Yeah right! :)
  9. dishboy

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    I have never had a problem in three weeks. You could pull on it and see if it has set roots if worried.

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