How St. Augustine SHOULD look!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Florida Gardener, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. This is my nicest account. Fertilized 4x/year, treated by a spray company. The pic isn't the best, but this turf is gorgeous if you were to see it in person. I didn't even drop my deck when I cut. I guess it was cut at 4.5" on my Toro 48" Z Master.[​IMG]
  2. tallrick

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    You cannot expect much from St Augustine grass anyway. It is coarse, uneven and ugly no matter how much care it gets. At least it grows fast and survives with minimal care. Only bahiagrass is worse. Bermuda and zoysia are my favorites.
  3. unkownfl

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    Stop taken pictures of the neighbors lawn...
  4. tallrick, what are you smoking? St. Aug that is virtually weed free and fertilized and irrigated looks awesome.
  5. fl-landscapes

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    It does look nice when it is kept properly, but is impractical for anyone who wants to use their yard for anything as it takes wear tolerance and foot traffic very poorly. I like finer grasses like the cool season grasses and bermuda for warm season. Your toro z should have a max setting of 4.75 and if you dont drop it at all it should be about 5". i always cut mine at the top setting of 4.75 Thats a nicely kept very neat yard, good job.
  6. ^not sure if it's 5 or not. The last # reading is 4.25. There is one setting above that and then it's leaving the deck all the way up....doesn't really matter though.

    Thanks for the compliment btw.
  7. South Florida Lawns

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    Diamond thats a great looking lawn you got there. I agree with you on st. Augustine and the way it looks when in its prime. I have a few nice residentials that look like your pics, that turn out great after each cut.

    Ill get a pic or two up tomorrow when I service them.
  8. South Florida Lawns

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    Oh and trim those palms, I should only see 3 fronds per palm:rolleyes: hahaha
  9. Thanks SFL! Yea, I got some more nice resi's that i do tomorrow that look gorgeous right now. I'm going to take pics of those tomorrow as well. I mean, they are just phenomenal right now.

    On the palms, I'm getting ready to prune them and leave only 1 frond. I have to do what everyone else is doing lol.
  10. a clear difference lawn

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    Very nice!! When St Augustine is treated and irrigated it can look almost perfect at the higher cut heights . Out of 75 lawns I only have 4 that are dense enough to cut at 4.5 the rest i cut at 4 or 3.5. I like the way the edges form a border of their own almost "holding" the mulch in place. Great looking work!!

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