How steep of slope is safe?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by tonym10, May 12, 2003.

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    Can anyone tell me how much of a slope is safe to ride a mower across?I have 1 hill, which is caused by my sandmood,I ride my mower up and down the slope.But It would be easier if I could ride accross slope instead of up and down the slope.My mower is a Walker.I am not sure the degree of my slope ,I havnt tried to mow acrross , can anyone help me with this question, thank you
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    When I bought my mower I told the dealer what all I wanted the mower to do, one of the items included the ability to mow alongside a hill which I had to push-mow before.
    He came out with a mower and drove it along the hill, proving that it was stable to do so.
    I don't think anybody here will commit to an answer without some dimensions, either angle or drop of the slope with its width.
    Another reliable source may be to contact the dealer and see if he has any information relating to slope-angles.
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    Different makes and models have different slope abilities. My Exmark Lazer HP's manual says 15 degrees max. I just saw on the Commercial Forum that Huster has a model that is rated for 25 degrees. Check your manual; call your dealer; or call your manufacturer.

    To make a guestimate at your slope angle, stand at the side of your hill, hold a drafting compass near your eyes, line the compass up with your slope, and read the angle measurement.

    One thing I've learned about mowing across a hill is that when you do, most of your mower's weight is on the two downhill tires. In wet conditions like we have in MD this year, this can cause ruts under the downhill tires. :(

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