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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bohiaa, Nov 7, 2005.

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    Hay guys, Here's one for the rebuttle on all those low ballers out there..

    I had a customer who was complaning about my prices, So she fired me. and went with someone else, about 1 week later she called and ask could I come over and look at her A/C , Doing odd jobs too, I said well what happened..

    She told me that, the lawn service was there about an hour ago and now her A/C will not work...

    I knew what happened before I hung up the phone,
    The lawn co. put there line trimmer behind the A/C unit and ripped the wires into sherads,

    I rewired the outside unit, replaced a fuse, reset the breaker, and charged her 200.00 for the job,

    When I told her what happened, she called the lawn service, and cancled.....

    She's trying to get them to pay my bill.......
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    Yes, I love it! I cant believe she had the gall to even call you though. I know that gave you a warm cozy feeling :D
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    classic :) sometimes people 'dont know what they've got til it's gone'. Look at the bright side, you may have another account shortly :p

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