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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rossignol5, May 3, 2006.

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    I have a question for whoever can answer. I am trying for a new mowing contract and they would like me to mulch i was told that 2" was about the going thickness to spread mulch, and i have to cover 2485 Sq. Ft. and it comes to 15.3 yards that sound like a lot for what i am covering. Should i go with the 2" or maybe less. The owner said to use my judgment.

    I have been mowing for five years and newbie with mulch.

    Thanks Derek Rossignol
    Cornville ME
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    Is there mulch there now or do you need to put mulch there? If there is already mulch there I would just add like a 1" layer on top of what is there, if there is nothing there or you are taking out the old stuff I would add a layer of 2"-3".
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    Yeah if there is already mulch there just do 1-1.5". A word of advice, if you dump it then spread it by hand or rake its hard to do it that thin. The easiest way I have found is to pitch the mulch into the beds with some force with a snow shovel or large pitchfork. This gives is a nice even this layer. Also, instead of using a wheelbarrow, if you have truck access its much faster to load the truck with a yard or two from the pile and drive it around and pitch out of the back instead of having to wheelbarrow everthing. Good luck, make sure you charge enough and mulching can be quite a money maker.
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    You guys and gal's are great. It is very well appreciated. I cant say enough about this site and every one involved a life and money saver.

    Proud to be :usflag:
    you guys and gal's are:cool2:
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    :dancing: Heck yeah! I went around a neighborhood today and got 12 mulch jobs. I pay $21 a yard and am charging $40 a yard plus $30 a yard to put out. Oh and from another job I figured that a yard of mulch covers about 180 sq ft, right?
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    If you have never done mulch before, go with the thickest because it takes time, practice and experience to spread it thin. Likely, you will be spreading it as thin as you can manage just to get that 2"...

    After 5 years solid, everybody does it a little different but I like to unload about 15 wheelbarrows and then spread it by rake (the 36" landscaper's rake is my fave) and I like to say I can get .5 inches but it's really closer to 1" and I can do almost as good as the blower truck if I hand spread it but let me warn you, spreading mulch by hand is very time and labor intensive (PITA), I charge close to $55 a cubic yard to hand spread, it is that much a pain but for designer mulch it's worth it because double the area covered.

    Far as hurling it via a snowshovel, I kinda punch the barrow's piles with the rake and get the same effect and then spread the rest but to each their own, you'll need to find out what works best for you.

    They say 4" is for noobs but I say 4" is for fools lol, I am almost certain you can do 2" but go 2", you'll have an easier time, and it may be all you can do (no offense, I'm just saying because I know lol).
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    I used to do a ton of mulch jobs. Now I have hooked up with a guy with a large blower truck. He charges me 30 a yard and I bid at 50. I make 20 a yard for just setting up the deal. I can be making money doing something else instead of spreading mulch. Good luck.

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