how to accent a house with wrap around porch

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    I have an outdoor lighting job to do. I have never done a house that has a wrap around wooden porch across the front. anyone ever accent a house like this. do I sink well lights down in the deck..or>>what do i do???? thanks for any help
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    If you can post a pic that would help. Does the porch have columns, these can be uplit from ground level. If there is a roof over the porch, perhaps niche lights mounted in the eves coming down. Are there porch railings, you can use the hockey puck type deck lights to light the border. If there is plantings in front of the porch in a bed, you can use a spreader/area light to highlight or uplight without glaring light going into the sitting area.
  3. klkanders

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    Good suggestions! Do you use the niche lights much? If so is it a challenge hiding the wiring? How do you achieve that? Thanks!
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    Here's a wrap-around porch lit beautifully by John DeBoer of Moonlighting. Note that the column uplighting from bullets reflects off the underside of the eaves to light the garden beds.


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    That Looks Really Nice Steve! What Do You Guys Suggest For 2 Pecan Trees Side By Side In A Front Lawn These Guys Are Atleast 60'-80' Tall I Prefer Trying Downlighting.what Technique?,wattage? Etc.... Do You Guys Think Would Work? Thanks
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    downlighting is more of a moonlight effect...

    if you want to accent the canopy you can use some high wattage (50W) spotlights (i think 12 degree). If there is not a lot of ambient light on sight, i think a few of these would work well.

    remember, you do not light the top of the tree, just where the trunk branches out.
  7. steveparrott

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    50w lamps is probably overkill, most projects require 35w at the most. To light large trees with a big canopy, you have two options. Position 3 bullets 1 to two feet from the trunk with 35w wide or extra wide floods, or install three well lights (either MR-16 or PAR 36) out into the turf area. Downlighting can be done at the same time to provide moonlighting but it won't illuminate the tree itself. For very large trees, some contractors will position tree lights aimed upwards (with wide flood MR-16's) to compliment lights from the ground.
  8. steveparrott

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    This tree was lit from well lights installed in the garden bed (deisgn by Dann Guest).

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    Thanks For The Help. I Like The Idea Of Using 3 Bullets And Then Maybe Use A Flood In The Tree To Help Light Some Of The Canopy.

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