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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Popper357, Jun 8, 2005.

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    I am studying electrical history and repair and would like to be able to wire anything on my landscape jobs (Pools, spas, lighting, fountains, stereos etc)

    How do most companies add this. I am not bonded yet, do I have to be? I'll contact my insurance comp and have the right license from my city. Does every light contractor need to be bonded.

    I understand the permits and inspections process, but actually (physically)wiring to code will be my next great challenge (Very excited).

    Do most guys add a circuit to a box for lighting? How about pools, spas etc? Do you guys just check out the wattage use of a circuit and then either piggyback or run a new one when needed? Does everyone get permits and final inspections? If you tie into a line, is there a specific area or circuit type you like to tap? I've haven't tapped a line or wired a new circuit and am studying and will be doing these to my own home for my first project. I'd like to bring more electrical knowledge to the table and expand my services offered.

    And I need to learn how to specifically light up and adore homes. Any good books with photos sitting around? Backlighting, shadow lighting, up and downlighing oh my.

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    Give me a call toll free... 1-800-930-1670 Bus hours EST. I can help you.

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