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How to adjust governor on a 15hp Kawasaki


LawnSite Member
Verplanck, NY
Hi there evryone need some help?Have a 15hp kawasaki i replaced the governor shaft seal,and put it all back together and the engine was screaming
revving high with throttle in the lowest position.I finally got it not to race
after playing with the governor for 4 hours but now when i engage the blades
it stalls governor not kicking in.Any help on how to adjust this thing would be awesome right about now.Thanks John:confused:


LawnSite Fanatic
Here Ya go John.....



LawnSite Member
Verplanck, NY
Hey there Restrorob i did that adjustment like you said.But I can not seem to
get it right it is better but when i engage the blades it wants to stall,i have
to engage them really really slow for it not to stall.I also replaced the long
governor rod spring because the old one was broken.They sold me one for a
17hp said it was the same.I checked both and it does look the same.any ideas
would be helpful Thanks John:)