How to Advertise to Wealthy Home Owners

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Sean Adams, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Sean Adams

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    There are all different types of potential clients in this industry - low-end residential, middle-income residential, HOA's, free standing commercial properties, industrial parks, etc. There are also the high-end, wealthy residential clients who seem to be a mystery on how to advertise to properly.

    Is there a difference? Can they be approached the same as every other type of prospect? Yes and No.

    Do wealthy home owners see ads in newspapers or get a referral from a friend and hire a lawn and landscape company? Sure, happens all the time. But in general, the question I am often asked is.... "How do I advertise to the wealthy prospects?"

    It's all about approach, your message, how your business is perceived and how willing you are to bend over backwards to make them happy. It's also about status. Wealthy people more often than not, care about looks, care about what other people think and they certainly care about what other people see.

    More than likely they are wealthy for a reason - they understand money and understand business. They want the very best and they are accustomed to people going out of their way to give them the very best. They are willing to pay a premium price but in return, their expectations are often significant.

    The first thing you have to ask yourself is this.... "Do I really want to deal with people like this? Am I capable, prepared and equipped to deal with people like this?"

    Be honest. Don't say you are and then be blown away by how these people may treat you. Please, don't get me wrong here - I am not insinuating that all wealthy clients are difficult to deal with, snobby, and rude. But guess what.... Plenty of them are. In general they feel they are superior to most people and they certainly feel they are superior to the guys who "pull weeds" and "trim shrubs".

    Just be prepared is all I am warning.

    So, if you have decided you are capable as far as your personality is concerned, are you prepared with your appearance? How many times have you driven by a multi-million dollar home and saw a beat up truck leaking oil everywhere, with guys in jean shorts and tennis shoes with their shirts off smoking cigarettes in the front lawn? Probably not many times...if ever.

    It should be a given that your trucks, equipment and employees should look a certain way - clean, presentable, professional - in uniforms. They should be polite, professional and never disrespectful, no matter what.

    So now what?

    This is where your marketing comes in - and remember, marketing and advertising are not the same thing. Advertising is a part of your marketing.

    Think about these companies and look at how they advertise.... Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue, Prada, Fendi, Moet, Cartier, Rolex, Chanel, Ferrari, Bentley

    They strategically make certain their brand/ads are placed in front of people who can afford them, who will appreciate them and who prefer the best of the best. On top of that it is a status symbol.

    Your marketing - branding, advertising, customer support, etc... should be the same. Label yourself as the "premier", "exclusive", "preferred" choice when it comes to the very best in lawn care and landscaping services.

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    that's my whole problem with wealthy people. they feel entitled and that they deserve better than everyone else. they are no different to me from a guy living on the street with nothing. a person is a person. we are all created equal. i don't get caught up in status or prestige like most people in the world do. i'm gonna do my job the same way for a poor person as i would a rich person. im not gonna charge any different depending on where someone lives and how much money they make.
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  3. Sean Adams

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    That is your choice, certainly no one is telling you how to run your business. I understand what you are saying about not treating people differently. However, this is business and if you want to market to the wealthy a different approach is necessary.
  4. Chris_NC06

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    Generalize much?
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  5. Ben Bowen

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    My personal experience does not match your description. Our high end clients are no more demanding than any other. They treat me and my crews with total respect. They pay much faster than my other clients. Yes, we take good care of them- but all our clients get a high level of service.

    In fact, from my experience, young middle class clients are much more challenging. They have not been paying contractors for years and often have unrealistic expectations.

    Maybe this is a regional thing?
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  6. Sean Adams

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    I probably should have been more specific in my description of "wealthy home owners", so my apologies.

    In this particular instance I am referring to homes that are in the $1,500,000 and up range.

    I agree with @headz77 that the high-middle-income people are generally pleasant to deal with for the most part (homes in the $400,000 +) and many young home owners can sometimes find themselves in "too much house" and are not accustomed to paying for services, so they can be difficult to deal with (and collect from).

    We live in a different day and age now for sure, especially when it comes to the homes people live in versus what they can afford in the rest of their lives (cars, vacations, savings, education, renovations, etc.).

    There are more people now living in homes that are valued in the $250,000+ range that are in fact regular people with modest to above-modest incomes. For anyone who has been in this industry awhile, you know what I mean.
  7. Ray_Lawns

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    I personally have no problems dealing with them, I am to the point with everyone though. I tell them what I think they need and I know what they expect which is what I give on every client. I do not and will not deal with anybody who has money issues, if their bill is not paid by the 15th service us over and its up to them to decide to pay or I don't come back simple as that. I do this to feed my family not for fun or a hobby.
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  8. I love working for wealthy people. They pay the fastest, don't nickel and dime, have respect, and appreciate what you do for them.
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  9. weeze

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    well like sean pointed out i was talking about every single one of them. just the majority.
  10. Do you work for any wealthy people or just making your opinion on no experience?
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