how to and where to find good workers?

Discussion in 'Employment' started by seabee24, Dec 27, 2012.

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    Ok guys, so the past 2 seasons employees gave me big problems. you name it they did it, or didn't do it, or didn't show, or called off once to many.

    I thought that I had developed a good job application that would screen out the bad ones. what I found was the good ones couldn't fill out the app or find help that could.

    the guys we did end up hiring all had issues in one form or another or multiple forms.

    besides word of mouth or friends of friends. where do you guys find good workers? how do you screen them or interview them? what is a good number do you find to get them, and keep them?
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    Farming background is some experience I like to see.
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  3. Duekster

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    Hard to find good help. I always get calls in the slow season from people looking when I do not need them.
  4. TPendagast

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    I'm not sure i understand 'good ones' not being able to fill out the application, doesn't that mean you DONT want to hire them??

    As far as guys looking in the slow season, keep their numbers, call them and keep calling them, they might not come work for you right away, but if they are decent then you eventually land them like a big fish, it takes some work, don't just brush them off because it's not the right time of year.

    Most 'good guys' are workers, got their heads down steaming ahead, once the work starts they just keep going, they aren't going to sniff around for work opportunities in july...

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