How to apply CT?

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by Dooger54, Aug 16, 2008.

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    Ok, I'm a newbie to this whole idea of compost tea. I will be doing a large renovation next month, about 2.5 acres. Will be aerating, topdressing with compost, and some reseeding. What will CT do for me? And how do I apply it and at what quantities?

    I have a 60 gal sprayer with boom on my tractor. Will this work? How much liquid per 1000 sg ft?

    Where do I buy this stuff?
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    real ct you need to make your self with a tea brewer, you can buy jar tea and use it but it does not have all the good herd that compost tea has. usually around 2-20 gallons per acre, and real ct costs so much less than jar tea............
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    Buy ICT the link is at the bottom. Until you learn how to make good CT then this is your best option. I would for sure clean out tank and pump real good if you have been spraying chems as the residue will kill the microbes.
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    I thought i'd finally post this cause I've never seen it presented this way. this method is probably the best and safest method(to organisms especially proto's)(ive tested) besides pouring strait from the brewer, this is great method for the home owner/gardener with a large yard or garden that need to cover a lot of sf.
    only draw back is you need electricity source of some kind or generator and have to deal with the hose and electrical cord and clean up after wards, pretty easy though for some one just applying once in a while, i don't recommend this for the pro. to many logistics

    here it goes. 50gbarrel,sub pump, 3/4" or bigger garden hose as long as you need,coupling if needed,extension cord, thats it.

    small centrifugal sub sump the kind used for drainage basement,pools,drains ditch's whatever, biggest you can afford, at lest 1/4hp 3/4 and higher is better, larger pumps you can get larger particulate matter out.
    you will need a coupling of some kind if the pump doesn't have 3/4" or 1" fitting to attach to garden hose

    basically all you have to do is fill the barrel with tea,turn on and dump your sub pump with hose attached to the bottom of the barrel and use you finger at the other end of the hose to adjust your spray pattern. this works very well. just make sure you clean well after every use

    hope this help some of you.

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