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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by woodlawnservice, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. woodlawnservice

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    I have done irrigation work for a couple years now. I love it! I have a full service landscaping buisness and do maintenance to them as well... one of the few companies that truly offers full service... that being said, what's your opinions on getting new Irrigation customers? Our towns only 30k people... nobody here advertises much besides ad in local paper... id love to add more irrigation and new installs to the buisness side.and get away from the mowing..thanks
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  2. clydebusa

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    Where are you located in Ok?
  3. woodlawnservice

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    40 min. South of tulsa. We actually have a crew though that travels about a 100 mile loop though. We stay east to S.E. of Tulsa...
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  4. mitchgo

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    If this is true. Why not take advantage of this and explore other means of advertising?
  5. woodlawnservice

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    Its totally true.... I've personally did flyers.and.door hangers.... total waste of time..not 1 callback! Maybe I should try postcards to targeted neighborhoods? I've lettered up all trucks and trailers... everyone knows my vehicles...they stand out! But still, this hasn't transulated into more potential clients.... I'm getting involved in the community more... joining chamber/ local events/ joining clubs/ donating services to community events... all to get my name know.... problem another company in town has a similar name.... so I know I've herd people think.I was him and them me....there name is woodworthy lawn care... mine is wood lawn and landscaping. I'm not sure if this needs to be addressed or not....I hate to give up my name but then again its not worth people calling them when it should be me.
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  6. the irrigator

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    You are definitely on the right track. It's very important to have a brand. People need to associate your name and logo with what you do and what your company stands for. It is necessary to create and promote that in everything you do. You will have to serioulsy consider the name confusion on the part of the consumer.
    As everyone will tell you the best advertising is word of mouth. Other types of advertising are costly because the average consumer will need to see your name doxens of time before it starts to get results. This takes time and money. Learn all you can about the business, continue networking, do quality work only (never cut cormers) and always promote your brand. Everthing will come full circle. "The harder you work the luckier you'll get." Good luck!

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