How to ask for customer referrals ?

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  1. Dave does lawns

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    Amen. I would spend alot more money on advertising and getting PITA work. I get a much higher standard of customers from my already high standard customers. I do not offer rewards up front, I simply say if your happy tell someone you know. If your not happy I would like to be your first call. If and when the refer someone, I usually half price a cut. Of course if a $200 per cut refers a $35 cut then I reward accordingly.
  2. Kkane97

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    I understand what you mean and if someone got me 32 accounts they could have my service for free all year no problems but my biggest problem with customer referrals is:
    Existing Customer: Yea this kid is great he does an awesome job!
    Potential Customer: How much does he charge?
    Existing Customer: Oh he mows blows edges weedwhacks once weekly at my house for $45

    Well my problem is the new referred customer wants her 2x the size lawn done for the same money, and when I give my quote (obviously higher) they are like "But you do Joe Blow's lawn for less!!?"
  3. Blades Lawn Maintenance

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    Ain't that some crap
  4. blk90s13

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    If you do a good enough job they would want their friends and family to have the same great lawn service they get ;)

    I picked up two new customers from referral this year and I did not ask for them they just landed them selves.

    One referred her mom and another client referred her co-worker.

    But I don't see why you cant just ask for referrals straight up, I will be asking every one this year just like that.
  5. rrfk

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    I have a conversation with my clients after the 6th service. I use a method of mining referrals called VIPS.

    I get them to agree there is a VALUE they get from my service.
    I tell them I have a very IMPORTANT question to ask them.
    I ask for their PERMISSION to have a discussion about referrals.
    Then I begin SUGGESTING people, affiliations, groups, work and social colleagues etc. and how best to arrange an introduction.

    I've found face-to-face introductions with the current client present to be 100% effective where every other means of referral to be about 25%
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    As annoying as that is, welcome to business, man. Its all about volume and you give enough people a price, you will get 'yeses'. Don't go into making excuses and getting very detailed about why it will cost more for their lawn, just say your lawn is bigger than Joe's and that's why the price is more expensive. If they can't understand that, you don't want them.

    Obviously do not reward a customer for referring a potential client that doesn't actually hire you.

    The truth is most people don't look at their lawn when you leave and think "wow, so beautiful. You know, that kid is great, i'm going to push all my friends to hire him too because I want them to have the best just like me"

    No, they look out and say, "Great, the lawn is cut". IF someone in a conversation someday mentions that they need a lawn guy, they will then POSSIBLY mention in passing that their lawn guy is pretty good. But you can bet they won't push the issue.

    You have to give them a reason to send people your way.

    A better reason than that they love your service and want what is best for their friends and family. You need to inspire them, motivate them.

    And reward them for every single person they send to you that hires you. Look at the value of that one customer. $40 a week for a 32 week season gives that customer a value of $1280 just for one year! And that is just mowing!

    And that is for every customer.

    THAT, my friend, is well worth giving away $40 worth of free work or cash.
  7. yardguy28

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    very much agreed.

    personally I use a referral program. $5 off each cut for each client that signs up with the me for at least a season.

    so using your example I'd be giving that client $160 in savings. less than my monthly advertising and more people taking advantage of my services than I get with advertising.
  8. Kelly's Landscaping

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    We wrote in a note section of our monthly bills that we send out our terms for this. I don't like the free cut because you can have one of 75 or a 100 a cut and they refer you a friend with a tiny lawn that you can only charge 25 or 30 for. So we write out the dollar amount 35 off your bill for a weekly lawn referral and 30 for a bi weekly lawn referral. Now does it work lets put it this way of the 28 new lawns we added this spring about 15 came from this method.

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