How to be a champion


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This is the time of year when many a landscape contractor starts to feel the weight of the season's stresses upon them, and many start to experience the symptoms of burnout. Two quotes from some of boxing's greatest fighters are as follows:

" A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t.” – Jack Dempsey
" To be a champ you have to believe in yourself when no one else will.” – Sugar Ray Robinson

All of us in this industry know the challenges that face us. Unreliable staff, mechanical breakdowns, or being constantly behind schedule with unpredictable weather. As a 20-plus year vet of this industry, I have something to tell all of you--everything is temporary. In order to win in this industry you have to stay the course, persevere, and fight for your place at the top. Being at the top doesn't mean being the biggest company, but being the best. Being the best is defined as being the company that everyone in your market recognizes as the default go-to contractor if they want the job done right. If you achieve this recognition, then you have to maintain it in order to be the champion where you operate.

I am going to kindly ask everyone here to post their best insight on what has worked for you towards becoming a champion in your business AND how you overcome/stay a step ahead of summer burnout in this industry. I think this can be one of Lawnsite's most useful threads if everyone does their part. Best wishes to all!


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Everyone needs to remember, tomorrow is a new day. The lawns/landscape project isnt going anywhere.
You may have a daywhere 2guys dont showup, and complaints come in hard, and a truck goes down. Fix one thing at a time. The next day may be one of your best.


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Two things I always try to do better than anyone else is communicate and to do one thing above my project scope. Two things told to me years ago that stuck with me were “you are a great communicator” and “you seem to always do one thing extra”. I try to get this to my guys daily. Do something extra at every stop. Roll up a water hose, bring the trash can back from the curb, water the flower pots, etc.
As for champion mentality.... drink a monster and get it baby


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Best advice I've heard is to make time for a balance between personal life time and work time. Also be sure to run your business, don't let it run you. Burn out season is definitely here for a couple more months at least.
I still struggle to follow this all the time but as you get older it becomes more important to you.

Those words will help make champions


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In order to succeed, you must risk failure. The kicker is that you will learn more from failure than in learning what NOT to do -> this will count toward success.

Keep learning about your product/services and how to offer it/communicate about it in simple ways so folks can quickly get the gist. Educate yourself for the rest of your life. Learning pays dividends, period.

Communicate w/ a song in your heart. Yeah, sounds new age-ish, but an HONEST & friendly attitude will close sales. Folks want to feel good about their decision to go with you and your services.


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21yrs in business, do what you say. Easy as that. If your gonna be late call. If you do what you say is there anything to complain about? Go get it because 90% of your competitors won’t. Fact. I alway kept motivated because why would I want to make someone else rich if I wouldn’t do it for myself and my family? Do what you say and the work will come. Your gonna have to work so why not for yourself.

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