How to bid cemeteries?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by griffithtlc, Apr 4, 2005.

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    We are going to bid on a cemetery on Wednesday, and want to do it right. From what we were told over the phone, it is about 3/4 of a block long, and half of it is "in use". Do you charge so much per headstone, or just take a judgement on blowing/trimming around all of them? Any thoughts/advice is greatly appreciated.
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    Griffith -

    Where is it??? I want to bid on it too.. :blush:

    Actually, I've dropped all my cemetaries over the years, complete pain.

    I just looked at them and estimated the time to do it.

    Usually there isn't much blowing to do, if you're smart enough to mow so the grass doesn't blow into the headstone.

    I had one where the rows were fairly close together, I'd just slow the throttle down on the mower so the grass wouldn't fly so far.

    I used to do one that was about 3 acres, 400 headstones.

    Took 3 guys about 2 to 2 1/2 hours to do it with 60" mowers.

    All the stones were in rows, so you could just travel right down the row, doing left turns around all the headstones.

    Most of them had a little "lip" around the base of the headstone so the didn't even need to be trimmed.
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    In a word, high, bid high. If you get it good, if you dont, dont worry. They are ok, if you get enough money. Good Luck.
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    Cemeteries have been the bread and butter in my business. I know I'm a little crazy, but so many LCO's are afraid of them that it has been in the past fairly easy to win the bid. Last year and this year has gotten more competetive. The same accounts with 2 or 3 bidders two years are getting 15 to 20 bidders this year. So your prices have to be very competetive to have any chance. Honestly cemeteries are not that bad to do. Just figure your time for cutting, trimming and blowing if it's in the contract and multiply it by your rate just like any other bid. Just remember your times may increase because of all the obstacles. One thing I like about them is I can schedule them around all my ather accounts because the residents don't care what time of day (or night) I pull in to cut!!
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    i bid one this spring that i didn't get, it was 2 acres, and they said they only wanted it done once every 2-3 weeks, at first i told them they would need to find someone else, but then she practicaly begged me to come bid so i did, 225, which i thought was still low, but i'm glad now i didn't get it.
  6. deereman

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    We also do cemeterys and they are a lot of work but the hours we work are all acounted for when its billing time. I look at it as I am in one place working for 6-12 hours each week, not running around burning up fuel on the road.

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