How to bid commercial accounts for real

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by PROCUT1, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Good job PROCUT1. This is a profession, not a hobby.
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    Im in TN also. Round the middle area.
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    This is why people like me get excited to see post like Procuts. Even if the fools go broke, there are 20 more like them next season. It is just too darn easy to get in the business.

    Nothing against solos but they mistake creating a job for themselves as being the same thing as having a business.

    It is fine to leverage your own labor, working 60 hours a week like a dog, having your wife do the books, using your garage as a shop and all to get started. It just does not translate to having several employees or more, several maintenance truck rigs and such.
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    Do be fooled that just because you have employees and a "reel" shop that you are a professional. Pro-cuts post is about knowing your costs, and knowing the business. You can be very professional and be one of the best in the business without lots of employees and big buildings to house them in. I have also seen large companies that do not have a clue what they should be doing on someones lawn. They don't last long on one job site, but they are out there, and are not going anywhere.
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    More good lessons from procut.
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    I appreciate your comment sir. I appreciate Procuts post too. He simplified things very well. You should look at my post and the one I quoted.

    One of the best things I did early on was listened to Charles Vander Kooi seminar. I bought a few of his books. I even read them too. I referenced them time and again.
    Besides his seminiar his book goes into great detail far beyond what Procut mentions. Not saying Procuts post are off because they are not, they are spot on! In reality however they are baby food designed to get beginners to take notice.
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    That should be everyone's goal to own a business, not work for their business. Getting out of the field is one of the most important things that needs to be done if you want to have a serious money making operation. Take notes from Eagle Landscape's thread.
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    I didn't read all of the pages on this post. I learned a ton on the first page. Great post. You have laid out this extremely important information in easy to understand terms. Thank you for taking the time to do so.
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