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How to bid for dethatching?


LawnSite Member
greenville mi.
I need to know how i should charge for dethatching
Should I charge by the hour or by the sq. ft.??
I will be using a ryan reno-thin dethatcher
Any feedback would help.



LawnSite Member
In my experience, most customers will want to know a per sqft amount. I would figure out how much time it will take you to do an average lawn and base your price on that. If someone has a larger lawn, then you say that it is an extra $X/1000sq ft.


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
We charge 10 to 12 dollars per 1000 sq. ft.. That's with removal.


LawnSite Senior Member
I don't thatch any longer -unless needed. My last price 2-4 years ago was 17.50/1000 with 60$ min. which included mow and trim after I raked up. Most lawns around here don't get a thatch problem . However alot of people think they need it . I usually can talk them into areation instead.We have to thatch early and I find it too wet then , by the time it is drier the lawn is no longer dorment. Besides I enjoy a good root canal over a dethatch any day. If I was to do it now (2001) I would charge 22.50/k.


LawnSite Silver Member
dirty jersey
last season i charged 12.00/1000 w/clean up haul away
and its the last yr i did it .to much work.
try talking them into core aeration,you make more money and less work.