How to bid for turf spraying??

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jgrs7, Mar 11, 2012.

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    Big companies mostly have a flat "stop charge"; it is supposed to cover your overhead and the cost to arrive at the location. Then they add a charge for each 1000 sqft (this covers your average product cost and your labor cost to apply it.) If you are licensed--this is skilled labor.

    And some companies discount big lawns--not much reason to discount an acerage, as you must apply the same amount of fert, and it takes the same amount of labor per 1000 sqft. Spread an acre with a hand spreader when it is about 90 degrees--you will understand it better.

    If you use a machine you must charge the customer for the machine time, (repairs and gas, plus payments or depreciation).
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    so was the prices quoted earlier not reall good? since i wont have much over head and will be 15 miles or less from all my contracts should i charge the flat fee??

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    I am looking for the same answers. I know this may seem tactical and kind of shady but, I called around to local competitors to see what they would charge me. For the last 5 years, I have been paying other companies to do mine. I am not making a dollar off of it on my commercial (which is all we do) and I have a hard time paying them since I make no money off of it. So this year I decided to venture out and do it myself. I agree that you need to make what you need to make but remember this, MOST people are looking for consistency. If you are high compared to your competitors because "you need the money", you better find some seriously loyal customers. This is one of the most cut throat industries and believe it or not, if you price the "norm" you will find that people will give your number out. You have to be mentally prepared for the fact that you might break even at first but if you have other things like mowing and landscaping going on you should be ok.
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    Ive never heard anyone say that mowing had a higher profit margin than spraying that is a new one on me. Mowing is the most cut throat narrow margined part of the business there is.
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    No, what riggle was saying is that there is are charge(minimum price) to pull up to a house.

    For example we start at $45 for up to 3000 sq ft. We then have a price for each 1000 sq ft over 3000.

    We do however discount for larger properties, even tho the time to treat and material is the same we are saving drive time, load and unload time etc so our over head is lower on larger properties.

    The information you have been given in this thread is very good.

    A good search will bring up alot more information as well, I have contributed to a number of threads discussing this very topic, I am too lazy to look for them for you tho....
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    sent you a pm....
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    I am starting my own fertilization and weed control gig as well. With the company I previously worked for, we would measure the sq footage and multiply that number by .0067. It is a fair rate in my area and it makes the boss lots and lots of money. You can alter that number between .006 and .007 (roughly) till you find your sweet spot. But like others have said, fert and chem may cost more or less in your area. Cut and dry. 7000 sq ft = 46.95 in my hood. hope this helps.
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    ok man thanks that seemed to work out pretty good.. thats the kind of info i was looking at..
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    ok man.. thanks for the pricing.. now i just gotta figure out how much to charg after that haha.. and also how to figure out what these names of chemicals mean lol

    how much of a discount would the big yards get vs a 5k sq ft yard?
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    Charge a minimum rate for 6k or 7k. like $45. Then use that formula i suggested. if the sq footage is 10k, make the multiplier .0062, for 15k or 20k try .0058. You'll have to fine tune your pricing accordingly. again costs are different everywhere. Fiddle with those multipliers and you will come up with a good formula. I should add, these numbers are relevant to applying dry fert aswell as spaying weed control. Good luck brother.
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